Sunday, August 7, 2011

Drive-In Movie

The big screen.

All the excited kids in the Starks' mobile.

Scene from Cars 2.

Parma Motor-Vu.

Yeah, I realize the ridiculous early morning time it is...on a Sunday of all days.  Not like that matters in the life of a stay at home mom.  Usually Lucas allows me till 7:00, but not this morning.  It was Lauren who graced me with her early morning wake up call.  She crawled into bed with me.  The next thing I know she's running to the toilet and she's throwing up.  But not just on the floor, right beside the toilet on the floor.  Throw up in her hair, on the side of the toilet, the walls, (both sides) down her shirt, on the door even, and only a dab in the place where it should be...the toilet.  I figured it was from all of the junk she ate last night at the drive-in.  Licorice, juice boxes, popcorn, and suckers.  After getting her all cleaned up, bathed, and in new pj.'s (all before 5:00 am) she's fast asleep with a pot by her side in my bed.  I on the other hand couldn't get back to sleep, so here I am.  :)

Last night we drove out to Parma for the Cars 2 movie on the big screen.  We followed the Stark's out there.  It was far out there!!  Around 45 minutes later, we arrived.  The entire drive there, the kids were asking about how big the screen's going to be, how will you hear the sound, are there bathrooms, what do I do if someone's head is in my way.............??
I joyfully answered all their questions.
When we arrived, we started to set up camp, literally.  I remember going to the drive-in in high school, on a date.  We sat in lawn chairs in the back of his truck...the real Idaho way I'm told.  So this time around, I wasn't even thinking of comfort for the kids...thank the Dear Lord for the Starks' and their sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, and seats that can fold down because they don't have fourteen car seats in their car.  Sidenote...big sidenote:

We are a family that forgets, or rather doesn't think things through most of the time.  Or we just think we're above "needing" anything.  "We'll be fine," is our motto.  Learned that one from the Big Man himself.
Please know this in advance when you go anywhere with us.  Camping, concerts, drive-ins, picnics in the park, fishing, and bbq's, just to name a few.
We forget chairs, blankets, napkins, snacks for the kids, jackets, umbrellas, even tin foil for our camping meal.  But what do we do?  Feel horrible for not being prepared and swear we'll never come unprepared again.  Thank you dear friends who have helped us out when we've been in a Hayes' bind.  Thank you for putting up with us, still being our friends.

Back to the subject:  Drive-in movies: not prepared.
As it ended up, all the kids camped out in the Starks' mobile, while Gran and Heidi camped out in our pathetic, no room mobile.  We generally have enough room for things, but when you can't fold the seats down, (due to the fourteen carseats) drive-ins are tough.  Next time we'll use Steve's truck and do it the real Idaho way.  Lucas stayed asleep the entire time in our car, his carseat.  I crammed into the Starks' car with the kids.  Gran and Heidi looked like two teenagers on a date, didn't want to bother their union.  After the fighting ceased, spots were called out and obtained, the movie started!  SO excited!!  During the movie, we had several trips to the bathroom, more fights from the kids..."Scoot over, put your arms down I can't see, stop smacking your popcorn, quit squirming."
After Cars 2 ended, we packed up the contents of what we brought, not much, and headed home.  It was 11:30.  Yes, I was exhausted and sore.  I'm 33.  I can't fold and bend my frame around like I used to.  My arms and legs don't stretch like they used to either.  Sleeping bags to soften the back of a car don't cut it...I need a mattress and I need my pillow.  But I stretched out on the way home and finally arrived at our oasis.  Tucked kids into bed, brushed my teeth, and headed to sleepyville was 12:30.

Three and a half hours of sleep isn't too bad.  It's like a really long nap.  Come 7:30 when Steve gets home, I'll be real cheery I'm sure.  This day isn't looking good so far.  The positive, (working on that in all situations) at least Steve will be home to join the beautiful chaos we call our family.  :)

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