Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fair Extravaganza

The fun house.

Anthony has had enough by now.

This cow was born only two days ago.

Kid sized roller coaster.
Yesterday our family went to the fair.  Now hear me out while you read this.
I am usually, if not always, the biggest pessimist known to man.  I will find anything wrong with something.  Some say that's a mighty bad trait, I like to think of it as being "real."

We arrived at the fair at 2:00.  Let me just add that yesterday was scheduled for a high temperature of 100 degrees.  Yes, we chose that particular day.  Actually, it was the only day we could go due to our busy schedule.  I tried talking the kids out of going.  I told them: I'm sure your dad will take you, it's gonna be too hot, the rides really aren't that cool, your brother's going to cry and then once he does, we'll all have to leave, and the topper from my mouth: you kids really aren't going to have that great of a time...really.
Didn't matter, they still wanted to go.  Steve told the two older ones they could have unlimited rides... he'd buy them the wristbands to do so.  I decided at that point we were going, I was forced to.  So what did I do?  I decided to turn my negativism around and try to be positive about the hot situation.
"I can people watch.  I can get that gigantic dill pickle I get every year.  I can get a cheap piece of jewelry that will break in two seconds.  I can walk by the hot tubs and dream of having one.  I can go into the expo building and look at useless farm produce people have planted and grown.  I can walk by the cows and vow never to eat beef again...for the hundredth time.  And I can even get talked into throwing a dull dart at a wall of balloons."  I told myself.  It worked!
After three and a half hours of fun, I wasn't quite ready to leave.  I was enjoying watching the kids have a great time.  I was enjoying the huge smiles on their faces as sweat was pouring off of them.  I felt a tinge of empathy for Lauren when she tried to go on the fifth ride but couldn't...she's too small.  And I wasn't ready to leave the people watching I witnessed at this year's fair.  
I have and am changing my attitude about things I foresee as being "not fun" or "boring."  As long as my children are having a good time, it's not dangerous or illegal, hey, why not?!  
I might add the rides are dangerous, but that's a fear of mine we won't address in this particular blog entry.  
In summary, we had a great time.  We were exhausted, hot, and all pooped out when we got back to the car, but a family outing worth talking about.  :)

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