Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting into the towels.

Love, love, LOVE him!!

Can't believe tomorrow's already Wednesday.  This week is already half over.  We have stayed busy that's for sure.

Saturday, I hosted a Girl's Night In at my house.  Seven gals came to enjoy good food, spirits, great conversation (gossip rather) and good times.  We as mothers need these girl's nights more often.
Sunday, Steve and I had the whole day to ourselves while Grandma Collie watched Lucas.  We got spoiled for sure!  We laid in bed longer than we should have, went to Costco to window shop, yeah seriously, we didn't buy a single thing there, went to lunch, then stopped by Cost Plus and bought a much needed office desk and chair.  Wasn't too much of a productive day, but I got to spend time with the most amazing man, my best friend...my husband.  

Tonight we took a bike ride in our subdivision.  As I say each time I talk about our neighborhood... I love it!  I look forward to when more homes are built around us, so we don't feel so isolated.  But for now we'll enjoy the lack of neighbors.  Plus with empty lots next to us, it gives me a place to throw my weeds.  :)

I rocked and read to Lucas tonight, the usual for us.  He's not ready for bed by the sounds of it.  He's been crying for the past ten minutes.  Guess he wants another bedtime story.  Off I go to rescue him.

P.S.  Happy to report our friends Rob and Allison, the couple who lost their son Charlie on Easter, are expecting a baby in March!!  We are so happy for them and thank God for the blessing he has placed in their lives. 

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