Friday, August 12, 2011

Michael Buble'

The man himself...Michael Buble'.

Last night, Steve, Rob, Allison, Julie, and I went to the Michael Buble concert.  All I can say is...WOW!  
First off, our seats were AMAZING!  We were six rows from center stage on the floor.  Second, the opening act, Naturally 7, was so great and talented.  Usually opening acts are bathroom breaks, beer runs, and chit chat sessions.  Not in this case.  Naturally 7 makes all of their music with their good ol' fashioned mouths...God given talent there.  Drums, bass guitar, harmonica, and voice...all natural and done from only seven men's voices.  And third, Michael Buble' is so funny!  Not only did he sing his heart out, but he threw out a few F*bombs, talked about how he's not gay, has the best big band there is, his love for his home town...Canada, and made us all realize how genuine and normal of a guy he really is.  He expressed how he learned Boise isn't pronounced Boize, but rather Boiseeeeeeee.  Informed us Idahoans that Boise is the smallest crowd he's performed for...while on this tour.  And sang my all time favorite Buble' song...Crazy Love, a Van Morrison classic.

Thank you Grandma Collie for watching Anthony, Lauren and Lucas last night.  All five of us had a wonderful time.  And look forward to his return to Boise real soon.

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