Saturday, August 6, 2011

ParkTime, Dogs, and StoryTime

LOVES the swings.

About to go down with the help of Juliebelle.

These two are tuckered out.

Julie reading to her brother.

His favorite bedtime story.

No messing around kids, it's time for Lucas to go to bed.

It's always a different feeling and sound when the kids come back from their dad's house.  I'm sure you can imagine.
One week of just Lucas babbling, the other week filled with screaming, yelling, and yeah, fighting which results in the first two mentioned.  This week is starting off no different.

After I picked up the kids Friday morning, we headed to Fairmont Park with our friend Mrs. Kayla and her two boys.  Swings, swirly apparatuses, and slides were the main event for the hour we were there.  It was downright muggy, hot and gross outside and it was only 11:00 am.  There have been some fires in the valley, so I'm sure the air quality was prime for the kids to breathe in.  Didn't stop them.

Headed home for lunch and some R&R (the thought was there.)  The next thing I know, I see this white puppy hanging off the side of Beethoven and they're both running around, barking, and biting one another.  Roy, Steve's friend, brought over his Pit Bull puppy to play.  And did she play!  Ava and Beethoven had an afternoon of excitement to the point of exhaustion.  It go me thinking we need another dog to have as a companion for Beethoven.  Then I came to my senses.  Gee, you might as well have another kid as a companion for Lucas.  That thought was short lived.

Grandma Collie came over to watch the kids while Steve and I had a prior commitment.  She brought over root beer floats...every kid's favorite dessert.   It was soon bedtime which means bedtime stories for Lucas.  Julie's in charge of reading to Lucas.  It's a great way for her to get in her 20 minutes of reading.  Way to go Julie, you do such a great job reading to your brother!  Time to put Lucas in his bed and leave the room.  Nope, not for those two.  Julie starts to play hide-n-seek with him.  Giggles, laughing, and joyful screams come from the crib.  Guess this party had no end.  I tell her the little man needs his sleep.  Not sure if that's entirely true.  I needed my sleep and he was just a better excuse.

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