Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pedicures For the Ladies

Just love him so.

Caught him screaming.  Check out the teeth.

The finished product.

Grandma Collie's new toes.
One of Grandma Collie's birthday presents was a pedicure.  I love that she likes to pamper her feet...because I win too!  We both went together and got a 75 minute pedicure.  It was much, much longer than 75 minutes.  Our appointment was at 5:30.  We got done at 9:15.  Yeah I know, lots of pampering time.  It was so great to have time together and relax.  Besides when I've been in labor, I can't remember the last time I've been able to put my feet up for that long of time.  It was a great!  Can't wait to go again soon.  

I've been fooling around with my camera a lot lately.  I'm trying to see if I have what it takes to become that photographer I know is buried deep inside.  I'm learning several new things about photography that I never knew were possible.  I used to look at professional pictures in the past and just be amazed at their work.  It still amazes me, but now I've discovered their dirty little secret...photoshop!
You can take amazing pictures...even if you own a disposable camera.  You can take a picture that is so-so and turn it into something magical.  Never again will I look at a magazine cover the same.  Steve and I are having fun with our new found camera companion software.  My next project will be to take an existing picture of me and make me look ten pounds lighter.  It can and will be done.  Now tell me how magical that is?  Now I know why people pay hundreds, if not thousands on professional pictures.  Wouldn't you if they could make you look that good?

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