Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tamarack Getaway

A view from our balcony.

Another view of the golf course...beautiful!

The gorgeous view behind us...Steve's not too bad either. ;)

Yesterday, Steve and I went to Tamarack for the night to get away.  We stayed at Osprey Meadows, right on the golf course.
As a couple with work, children, stresses in life, and all of it's ups and downs, we feel it's important to get away...just the two of us.  We made a pact to do this sort of getaway once a month. But since summer vacation was upon us, work was hectic, and life was just too busy for us to do so, we opted to put our time on hold.  We are now back into the realm where we can do so again. It may just be a night out at a local restaurant and we stay at Hotel Hayes or we plan a trip to McCall to lounge on the balcony of our room at Shore Lodge.  As long as the two of us get one evening children, no phones, no computers, and no disruptions away from one another.  It's a time for us to un-wind, remember why we are a union, and a chance to rekindle what's been lost throughout the month.
Let me tell you, the time away, as short as it is, is welcoming and much needed.
The only dilemma...where to go next month?

Thank you Grandma Collie for watching Lucas.

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