Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yurt Experience

The beautiful view from our yurt.

Anthony and that dang bb gun!

Lucas is the only bright eyed one...only minimal sleep for Mom.

Sick Lauren.
Monday we all left for Idaho City to camp in a yurt overnight.  We originally had two nights planned, but since we were going with all of the kids, I wanted to try just one night first.  Grandma Collie had planned on going with us, but she got sick.  :(

We were all packed and ready to go...it was 11ish.  We needed gas, groceries, and lunch for ourselves.  Stopped and got all three and finally we were on the road to Idaho City.  When we arrived, around two hours later, we all grabbed our gear and made the quarter of a mile hike to the yurt.  What an amazing view we were going to have for our stay!!  When we arrived at the front door of the yurt, the instructions were to type in your code to unlock the deadbolt.  A code?  Where was the code?  Nobody emailed us to give us this code.  We were left with a lot of what the h-e-double hockey sticks!  And I might mention to you there was no cell service to call and get a code.  We hiked back to the car, (groaning kids can be heard ALL the way back) and headed back into town to place a call to someone...anyone.  After Steve got somebody to answer after four calls, we had the code!  Repeat the previous steps to appear in front of the yurt door, one last time.  A simple 1-4-2-5 and presto...the door opened!!  It was 5ish by this time.  After numerous trips to the car to retrieve our belongings for the night, we got settled in.  Anthony grabbed the bb gun and started to explore.  His only rule...don't shoot any animals.  Seems simple enough of a rule doesn't it?
Our campfire was roaring.  Lauren was on her 15th marshmallow, Julie was roasting her fifth hotdog, trying not to char it yet again, Lucas was sound asleep, Anthony was poking the fire to make it bigger, I was swatting gnats from my face, and Steve was telling us stories about when he was a kid...getting into trouble.  After one too many stories, we headed in and got settled for bed.

Around 2am, Lauren's stomach decided to not cooperate.  She decided to throw up.  I'm telling you...this girl cannot handle junk food in anyway.  Her body is too sensitive to too much sugar.  As I got up to help her throw up outside, Steve got up to start a fire in the big stove our yurt had.  Fire going, Lauren back in bed, everyone warm and cozy, and BAM!!... repeat steps again until 6:45 am when we all decided to just all stay awake.  Anthony, Julie, and Lucas all slept well...great for them!

Steve and I decided to get the heck home, we were over our trip.  Packing up our things and taking them back to the car, Julie proceeds to tell the two of us Anthony killed a chipmunk.  
After getting the truth out of him as to why he broke the rules, Steve decided on a punishment.  It was handed down and handed down fairly.  Anthony had to retrieve the dead little creature and bury him.  As the poor guy was hung upside down by his tail, Anthony carried him to a sandy area where he had his final resting stop.  And the bb gun was no longer for Anthony...at least for the remainder of this trip.  
On our way home, we talked more about Steve's growing up stories and the trouble he got into.  Made the ride home very interesting.  When we got home, laundry started, baths taken, and the car washed too.  Feels good to be home and clean.

P.S.  We did get a refund on our night's stay for the code inconvenience.  :)

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  1. Sounds like a really great trip- except for the puking and code thing- oh and the dead chipmunk. oh, but the memories you made! :)