Monday, September 19, 2011

Award's Ceremony

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hayes

Saturday evening, Steve and I attended Meridian Fire Department's First Annual Award's Ceremony.

Not only was it a chance for the two of us to have an evening together, but we both got to dress up.  I'm sure Steve wasn't as excited as I was though about the dressing up part. :)
We met about eight other fire family couples at Carino's to enjoy a yummy dinner before the ceremony.  Laughing, joking, and hysterics could be heard from our long table.  It was so enjoyable to spend time with the wives and their husbands outside of work.  All of the ladies looked so beautiful.  We had such an enjoyable time!
We finished up our dinner and headed to the ceremony.  As a proud wife, I must brag about my wonderful husband.  There were only two, yes, TWO nominees in the entire department for Fireman of the Year.  Guess who was a nominee?  Yep, my husband!!  Unfortunately, well deserved though, the award went to Mr. Brock!  Way to go Brock!!  But to have a nominee such as Fireman of the Year is something special in my book.  Steve did get an award though.  It was the Chief's Recognition Award.  Steve and Mr. Brandon got recognized for their website that gets daily national views...thousands of daily views I might add.

We wrapped up our night socializing at a local bar/restaurant until the wives "gave the look" that it was time to wrap it up and head home.  Somehow we had to give the "look" more than once.

Overall, our night was great!!

Thank you Grandma Collie for watching the crew!

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  1. You both look stunning and it was wonderful to chat with you for a few moments. Congrats to Steve on the Chief's Recognition Award- well deserved :-)