Sunday, September 18, 2011


Focusing while in pain.

His first cry!!

Already loves the camera.

Today is Lucas' first birthday!!

One year ago today, Steve was working his normal 24 hour shift, it was Saturday, all three kids were with me, Julie had a soccer game, and I was barely getting around comfortably.

After Julie's soccer game at 1:00ish, we headed home to lounge.  I remember it being fairly hot outside that day.  I was tired, hot, and starting to feel a tad crampy.  I didn't think the cramps were anything to write home about since I still had almost a week to go.  But when the cramps got a bit stronger no matter my position and they were pretty consistent, I figured it was ready for show time soon!!  

My other three labors/deliveries make most, if not all women jealous beyond belief.  With Anthony, my first mind you, was a total of five hours from first contraction till delivery with working epidural.  Juliebelle, my second, was two hours from first contraction till epidural.  And Lauren, my third, was just under an epidural.  So as my body repeats itself, I tend to have record deliveries.  So needless to say I was afraid the Meridian Fire Department was going to witness seeing Steve Hayes' wife with her legs in the air delivering a baby, because he wouldn't get home in time.  Surely not any scene I wanted those fellas to EVER witness.

When the contractions became pretty steady and uncomfortable, I struggled with calling Steve to come home.  I didn't want him to race home if it was false labor.  This was my fourth child after all, but the time lapse between Lauren and Lucas was going to be four years.  I thought a four year gap might change my labor patterns...I was about to confirm my theory.

I called Steve around 3:30 to come home.

"I'm feeling crampy, but it's consistent, so you may want to come home.  No rush though Honey, please, take your time.  I'm not even sure if these are real contractions or not."

Didn't matter to Steve...he was home within minutes!  He rushed into the house as if he was going to see me on the floor, baby in arms, and commotion galore.

"Settle down, I'm okay, no baby's falling out just yet," I said to him.

We dropped the kids off at their grandma's and Steve and I headed into St. Luke's.  By this time, my contractions were about five minutes apart and they were getting pretty painful.  When we arrived at the hospital, I was excited to prove my "fast labor/delivery" theory to my husband.  My pain was almost unbearable at this point, so I knew when the nurse checked my cervix, she was going to tell me it was time to push.  HA!!!  Yeah right, not so dang fast.
"Oh, you're at a good two and a half centimeters," she said.

What the heck!!!  There's no way.  This is my fourth child, my last practically fell out within an hour of contractions starting, and you're telling me I'm not even a three???  There's got to be a mistake!!!

There was no mistake.  I laid in that bed in triage for an hour.  Every five minutes I was having good contractions and I knew I was having progress.  When she came back within that hour, she checked me again.  No progress.  She told us to go outside the hospital grounds, walk around, and come back in a couple of hours or sooner if need be.  I got dressed and headed outside.  As I was getting dressed, I felt the shame.  I felt the shame when a world class liar gets discovered.  I felt the shame of not being the master baby deliverer I spoke so highly about.  The shame was enough to make me walk out of the hospital with my head hanging low, low, low.

After two hours of walking the grounds and the contractions coming every two minutes exactly at this point, I knew it was time.  Steve even took me to the south tower stairs to climb up and down to get things moving.  
"Honey, pick up your pace, you're going too slow.  If you want this baby out, you're gonna have to do better than this."

I'm sure you can imagine the scowl I gave that man after those words left his mouth.

We headed back in to the hospital.  It was around 9:00pm at this time.  I smiled when she was checking me because I knew I was at least a seven or an eight at this point.

"'re maybe a three...three and a half."

Something like..."What the bleep, bleep, bleep is going on?"  I managed to say.  

Long story short, our Dr. was viewing my contraction patterns from home on his computer.  Even though I was only a three, my contactions were consistent and steady enough to admit me.

After I was finally admitted around 9:45ish, the Dr. was on his way.

When he arrived, he broke my water and I decided at this point, since it was probably going to be another fourteen hours till I reached pushing status, I better get an epidural.  

At 11:41 pm, Lucas Michael Hayes joined our family.  His birth was the most enjoyable birth I've had to speak of...good choice in getting that epidural.  (I've always told my girlfriends to always go for Mom and baby...after having an epidural of my own...I'll never say that again!)

Today, a whole year later, we are blessed with a beautiful, funny, loving little boy who is a blessing. 


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