Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm Still Here

First taste of watermelon.

He's found the fireplace.

Wish there was a good reason I've been slacking on my blogging.
No, I haven't been overly busy.  No, I'm not pregnant.  No, Steve and I are just fine, thank you though.  No, the kids are still in our custody two weeks out of the month.  And NO, I'm not sulking around because my house is empty during the day because the kids went back to school.  I'm actually elated!!  As a stay at home mom, who wouldn't be??

We were sick about a week and a half ago though.  Steve had to work, I was at home with all four kids, and Grandma Collie was in LA visiting Aunt Mo.  Yeah, I was pretty much screwed with that scenario.  I opted to pay Julie $40 to take care of Lucas till nap time...I just needed to sleep. ($40 probably seems like a ton of money for a nine year old, but when you're'll pay anything)  Steve was trying to come home, but nobody was available to relieve him.  I was stuck for 24 hours in doom-land.  By the hour, I had each child come into the bedroom and say they were getting sick.
"Go to your room and sleep."  Is all I could muster at that point.  They weren't getting any sympathy back rubs from me!
Steve calls me about 1:00 pm and is in the engine coming back from a call.   He sounds "sick" and explains his stomach is acting up.  I'm thinking,

"Oh perfect Honey, keep faking it in front of the guys, then you'll be able to come home and take care of us."

Except, there was no faking it with him. (that's not his work ethic or nature to lie/fake...yes, good man, I know!!)  He was home in a matter of an hour.  He barged through the front door, knees on the ground, having an intimate moment with our American Standard.  The sounds coming from that bathroom were excruciating to listen to.  For the protection of my wonderful husband, I will stop the details...right here!
Needless to say, the man was sick.  And I wasn't going to get any help from him.  He actually made the situation worse.  I then had to drag my body out of bed and take care of him!  And two other children that ended up sick too!  Thank you Jesus Steve likes to be left alone when he's sick.  Usually the Florence Nightingale in me would be offended and hurt, but not this particular day.
Julie had taken care of Lucas as well as cleaned up the kitchen while I was in bed.  I was so proud of her and stuck to my paycheck to her in the amount of $40.  (We actually went to Claire's and she picked out headbands, earrings, and bracelets with her money.)

The following day, Monday, we headed to my folks' place for a Labor Day BBQ.  We were still a tad weak from our sickness, but decided to go and spend time with the family.  Guess we should have stayed put at our own place.  My dad, mom, and aunt all ended up with the Hayes' flu.  Don't we all feel like a bunch of crap bags for that one...yeah we sure do?!

We're all better, no school was missed, and we started our week much better than we ended it.  

**Beethoven has regained his puppy-like nature like promised.**  He gets two thyroid pills a day in a chunk of peanut butter.  He is prancing, barking, and more playful.  I have contemplated sneaking one of his pills just to have that much energy again, but then I put the pill back.  I don't want all the questions associated with it when I'm more playful.

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