Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh What a Day!

My completed homework assignment for my photography class

Today was a day that was never ending, rush, rush, rush, and then just when it should settle down, wham, more came along.

After I dropped the kids off at school, Lucas and I headed to the gym.  I've gotten back into the gym routine for the past week now and it feels great.  I take Lucas to the daycare the gym offers while I do my workout...usually I'm done within 45 minutes or so.  This whole week he's had separation anxiety when I go to hand him over to Miss Shawna, the gal who watches him at the daycare.  Today however, was a topper with him.  Shawna had to come get me from my workout to come get him.  He wouldn't stop crying.  When I showed up to get him, he spotted me and started crying even harder.  His poor nose was red and runny and he was crying so hard he was having trouble catching his breath.  Poor baby.  I never had separation anxiety with the other three and I always wanted it...would make me feel wanted/needed.  But no, they would wave goodbye to me even if I handed them over to the Grim Reaper!  So I'm finally getting it with Lucas and you know what?  I love every second of it!  After he settled down, we headed home where he fell asleep in the car.

Later in the afternoon when I picked up the kids from school, there was a mix up issue with Lauren and her teacher.  I pick the kids up from school in the neighborhood behind the school where there's a gate and a path that leads directly to the school grounds.  It's always been easier to drop them off at this spot as well as pick them up here too.  As I was driving up to park and wait for the three, I see Lauren walking back onto the school property with a teacher who lives in that neighborhood.  I put the car in park, got out and asked Mrs. Taylor what was going on.  She proceeded to tell me Lauren had been sitting on the sidewalk waiting for me for the past 15 minutes.  What??  Someone could have snatched her right up, she could have gotten hit by a car...oh the worries I had!  Why in the world would her teacher not keep an eye on her before it was 3:45?  I was furious and relieved all at the same time.  Anthony and Juliebelle got into the car and Mama Bear couldn't race home fast enough to email Lauren's teacher.  After a lengthy wait to get a response, I finally got one from her teacher.  The teacher explained she releases the students a tad early so they can get to their buses on time before the older kids get out and causes the little ones to get caught up in all of the crowded mess.  Lauren's teacher thought she'd be meeting Juliebelle, then proceeding to the path to meet me.  Just so happens Lauren didn't meet up with her sister and decided to be a big girl all on her own.  Lauren and I had a long talk about the importance of waiting for Juliebelle and the safety issues involved in walking and waiting by yourself.

While eating dinner, Anthony started complaining about his stomach.  He left the table several times to go to the bathroom.  He started to cry saying the pain was too intense.  This child is known to be a "drama king" so not taking him seriously is what I tend to do.  After an hour or two of listening to him cry, moan, and whimper, I decided maybe he needed a laxative.  I called Steve while he was at work on his cell phone to ask him what laxatives work best for kids.  I got my instructions and started to head out the door to Walgreens when I hear a scream.
"Mom, it hurts sooooooo bad!!  Call 911 or something, I can't take this!!!!"
I tried calling Steve back on his phone, but of course, he wasn't answering.  I have never, and I mean never called Station one's actual phone, even when I was in labor.  I think it should only be used for my case.  I told Anthony that I was calling Steve on his work phone to ask him what I should do so this better be damn serious.  He cried out that it was.  I got Steve on the phone and he said to take him to Primary Health.  I tried calling Grandma Collie for help with the kids, but she wasn't home.  Bummer, okay, pack all four kids, one on his deathbed to Primary Health.  Once there, the girls were jumping all around as if their Ritalin dose had been missed.  I went to check in and had Anthony dry heaving in the waiting room, Lucas squirming trying to get out of my arms, Lauren pouring hand sanitizer all over the carpet, and Julie putting on three medical masks "playing doctor."  I have anxiety issues, this I know, but at this point my lid was about to pop.  I took a deep breath and worked out each child's interruption issues.  Anthony got called back into a room, I handed Lucas to Julie to watch him in the waiting room and wham!...separation anxiety that I love so much...came full speed ahead.  Lucas started screaming at the top of his lungs when he saw I was leaving him.  Scooped him up off of the floor and headed back into the exam room with Anthony.  Long story short, Anthony had a MAJOR gas bubble (he needed an x-ray) and had some bowel obstructions.  My instructions were to go buy an enema and administer it to him at home.  God bless me at this point!!  I have to witness my ten year old's southern region while his butt's in the air?  Can't we solve this problem another way???  PLEASE??!!  No, because laxatives would cause more stomach cramping and it would be too painful for him.  So after I checked out, we walked over to Walgreens.  As soon as I walked in, a checker greeted me and asked if she could help me find anything.

"Do you sell Fleet's?" I said in a whisper.

"Excuse me?" The checker said, NOT in a whisper.  "What's Fleet's??"  Still not in a whisper.

"Enemas Miss, enemas." 

"Oh, aisle eight!."  

"Who the hell doesn't know what Fleet's are?" I said under my breath as I walked towards aisle eight.
2/$2 Fleets and a small box of ice cream sandwiches for the kids and we were outta there with only minimal stares.  Enemas and ice cream...what a combo!
I knew I was in for an adventure when I got home.  It was already 8:30, an hour past Lucas' bedtime and right on the clock's dot for the rest of the kids' bedtime.  Anthony kept asking me to do his enema now, he couldn't take the pain anymore.  I still had to get Lucas to bed and the girls too.  I got the necessary things done and met Anthony in our downstairs bathroom.  I knew the girls would try and spy on us wanting to get a peek in at our science experiment.  This was definitely not a sight for two sisters, let alone a mother to see.  Needless to say, as awful as it was, the kid felt better after his movements.  I on the other hand don't.  I don't feel good at how casual he was in allowing me to be where I was.  I figured he'd squirm, moan and groan, but no...he took his enema with ease.  
Now as I'm sitting here, WAY past my bedtime, I'm thinking about my day.  Ha, what a day.  The joys of a mom, I love it!  I still have to prepare for Lucas' party tomorrow, get the kids off to school, get Lucas to the Dr. for his annual checkup, wash, dry, fold, and put away about four loads of laundry.  

Where's my nanny and maid when I need them?

P.S.  My photo is a homework assignment I had to complete for a photography class I'm taking.  The instructor told the class to take a picture of something in your kitchen.  I thought the glare of believe was pretty cool...hope the instructor likes it!

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