Saturday, September 24, 2011

Party Well Done

Loves his new dump truck.

Lucas' cake.

Love this boy!

Helping Mom open his presents.

Happy birthday Big Boy!

Last night we celebrated Lucas' birthday with a fantastic party.  Prior in the day, Lucas had gotten his one year shots which included the flu shot.  I had made this appointment with his pediatrician months and months ago and it is almost impossible to ever re-schedule with her.  I kept his birthday as planned crossing my fingers his immunizations wouldn't effect how he would behave.  I was wrong.  He couldn't even get through his dinner without crying.  Anytime anyone besides Steve, Grandma Collie, or I would look or even talk to him, he'd cry.  He was not a happy birthday boy.  Plus his separation anxiety is getting ridiculous at this point...but I still love it. :)

The turnout was good and we all had a great time.  He wasn't interested in his cake either.  Maybe next year he will be happier.  Or, I can not schedule his party/immunizations on the same day.

Thanks Mindy M. for taking the pictures of the party!  I really appreciate your help.

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