Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Has Spoken

Windows don't stay clean with him.

Lucas with his "favorite."  LOVE his teeth!

Today was COLD!  
I got up at 4am for that very reason.  Lucas was crying because his little feet and hands were so cold.  Steve got up with me and turned the heat on.  It was 60 degrees in the house.  After a bottle and some rocking, he fell right back to sleep.  Luckily so did I.
There was no school today.  I swear, these kids get more days off than they actually go to school.  It was never like that for me when I was a kid.  There's no school tomorrow either, and no school Thursday and Friday of next week.  Awful I tell ya, just awful.  We ended up staying home all day doing absolutely nothing worth while.  Movies, computer time, room cleaning, laundry, vacuuming, and toilet cleaning were on our lists of things accomplished.  And did they get accomplished.  I LOVE the feeling of a clean, spot free house.  When my house is awry, so is my mind and emotional well being.  That's why it's always 99% clean...yes, 99%...ask the kids and Steve.  :)
After the chores were accomplished, lunch and naps were served.  The cold and rainy weather allowed us to stay indoors and guess what?  Yep, fights, whines, and cries.  I tell ya, those days seem to wear on me faster than the road wears on my cars' tires.  I tend to lose it fast...real fast when the fighting comes into play.  "Up to your rooms," is all I usually need to say, followed by a bit of yelling and some occasional threats.  After time well spent in their rooms, they all filed out and played nicely till it was dinner.

After dinner, Grandma Collie came over and we headed to a Scentsy party.  After smelling one too many wickless candles, my head began to pound...just a tad.  My fall/winter scents were picked out and paid for and it was time to head home.  More fighting in the car equaled going straight to bed when we got home...bummer kids!  They were ready for bed though, not too much arguing with my early bedtime verdict.

Tomorrow is yet another day.  Hope the weather is still cool, but no rain.  Steve and I have get-away plans for this weekend...much needed for us.  It's been a busy, busy month and I'm ready to just spend time with him without whining, fighting, or crying.  Let's hope neither one of us produces the turmoil we're trying to escape.  :)

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