Friday, October 28, 2011

Fantastic Friday


Taking Brother to go them!!

Today was a great day...the kids are back! 

Lucas and I met with my two girlfriends this morning for some girl time.  I love getting together with Allison and Kayla.  They both make me realize how blessed I am to have their friendship.  After our great visit, I headed back home for Lucas' nap.

After our nap, I picked up the kids from school.  I missed them, I really missed them this week.  When I see my babies walk towards the car, I get so excited!  My heart beats a little faster, I get a big smile on my face, and I grin from ear to ear.  When they hopped into the car, hellos, smiles, and hugs were exchanged.  I thought it would be fun to go to the park for a bit before we got home to start dinner.

I told the kids that Lucas has started to walk.  They were so excited to see him in action.  He walked all over the park, slid down the slides, hopped onto the tire swing with his three best friends, and couldn't contain his genuine excitement for his park time.  It's great to have Lucas getting so big that he can partake in activities such as the park with his siblings.  

After dinner, Anthony started play wrestling with Lucas.  I must admit I was worried he was being too rough with him.  Ummm, not a chance.  Lucas was laughing hysterically while big brother was taking part in re-enacting WWF...(in a gentle way of course.)  After playing with Anthony, showing us how great of a walker he is, and downing a whole bottle of milk, the kid's eyes were getting droopy.
 I love this time of the night.  Means cuddle time for Mom.  I know this time will come and go and there's no getting it back.  The only time I get a kid on my lap besides Lucas is when they're throwing up or dead asleep and I'm carrying them to bed.  I'll take whatever cuddle time I can get from those angels of mine.

Tomorrow is family picture day.  I'm actually looking forward to this day.  We've never had pictures done as a family and I'm excited to finally have a chance after nearly two years.  Cross your fingers it goes well for us.

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