Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Haircut

The before

The during

The after

Lucas received his very first real haircut this morning.  Steve and I have trimmed up his hair on the sides, but never a full do like the one he got today.

We took him to our gal Brooke who was patient, fast, and very efficient with him and his adorable hair.  He cried, screamed rather, the entire ten minutes she was making him handsome.  Towards the end of his haircut, his cries were slowing down and becoming less and less ear piercing.  He was getting tired trying to fight Brooke's scissors and Mom's hands.  He never gave in...not once.
The cape was taken off and he was handed to Daddy where he looked worn out and ready to take his nap.

We got in the car where but seconds later he was passed out.  Haircuts aren't his thing I suppose.  But boy, does he sure look so handsome.  Thanks Brooke for an awesome job with Lucas!

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