Saturday, October 8, 2011


Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

 The simple definition of gratitude may not be so simple.  We may think of gratuity; which is to give our thanks for a meal well served.  Or we may think of great; which is wonderful, awesome.  
But the gratitude I am speaking of is more detailed.  I'm speaking of the gratitude which involves being grateful even when things seem to go wrong, don't go our way, or seem to not make any sense to us at the time.

It's easy to be grateful when our lives are so perfectly balanced and things are running so smoothly.  But what about when you have road blocks in your path?  What about when you think your world is coming to "an end?"

Financial woes, marital strifes, job losses, loss of a family member, chaos among friendships, the lack of peace within yourself, the inability to conceive, harsh judgment from others, and even the harsh realization your life may not get better despite your hearty renditions.

We are all struggling with one, two, or maybe all of the above mentioned in some way.  We are human.  We fail, are given challenges we don't end up seeing the light on in the end, and there are obstacles we will never hurdle over.  But the issue isn't our struggles.  The issue lies within ourselves to see why we are facing these particular struggles and to learn and grow from them...and yes, being thankful for having experienced them.

God places hurdles, speed bumps, and even road blocks in our paths for reasons not always obvious to us.  The reasons may never show their face, nor parts of.  But we need to be grateful that the outcomes of our struggles are for a purpose.  A purpose we don't understand, but will make us grow, make us stronger, and hopefully make us closer to Him.  
It's so easy to clam up, remove yourself from the race, and to retreat to where we know there's comfort, but what happens to our issue?  It's still present.  It hasn't been addressed and hasn't been remedied.  

Put your big girl panties on, pull up your socks and face what is before you.  But don't just face it, place gratitude before it.  Thank Him for the lesson you're going through, even though the lesson may not have revealed itself just yet.

Yes, I do have my share of "issues" I will gratefully admit.  I deal with them everyday.  I have an issue at this very moment that is waying heavily on my shoulders.  I chose to take His lesson, as hard as I am struggling with it, and place gratitude before all else.  Yet, I am not thankful for the pain, heartache, nor disappointment I am dealing with, but I will say I am thankful for the lesson I'm sure to be learning.  Of course on His time, not mine.  

Take time today to really place gratitude before you.  Maybe your "issues" are small -  not worth falling into a heap over.  Maybe your days are seemingly perfect.  Take the time to really analyze the gratefulness every bit of life has to give you.  And realize you are who you are because of it!!

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  1. Such a good reminder! I am reading a book right now called "one thousand gifts", about living a life of gratitude for all the things we have. She has realized through study and personal experience that blessings always follow thankfulness for the good and the bad things. It is inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing your experience and the encouragement!