Friday, October 21, 2011

Kindergarten Field Trip Fun

Excited to see the pumpkins.

Enjoying the view on the way to the pumpkins.

Lucas' little sweet.

Mrs. Kyzer explaining the reason for the flower to Lauren.

Her final selection.

Love her!

The tractor's path.

Making her way through the corn maze.

Lucas and Daddy making their way through too.

Playtime at the Farmstead too!

Today Steve, Lucas, and I got the privilege to go along to The Farmstead Pumpkin Patch with Lauren and her entire kindergarten class.  What a great place!  Our family has always gone to Linder Farms for our pumpkin patch destination.  Both Steve and I were impressed with The Farmstead's array of activities for the kids, the great layout, and the amazingly great people who run the farm.  We have decided that The Farmstead is now our patch for our family.  

When we arrived, Lauren unloaded off of her bus and happily greeted us.  She was jumping with excitement at the festivities to be had with her class...and of course with her family too.  The kids got a quick lesson on the importance of farms to our well being, while waiting for the tractor to take them out to the pumpkins.  Giggles, laughs, and smiles were all that could be found and heard.  And when the tractor pulled up...forget about any ears listening to what needed to be heard!!  The kids all loaded onto the tractor with such excitement that couldn't be contained.  The tractor driver was so great with the class.  He threw in some humor for us parents, humor for the kids, and also got his point across that keeping your arms inside of the hayride while the tractor is moving is a must.  Not sure if the kids heard any of the driver's instructions...they wanted at those pumpkins!!

The tractor arrived at the patch for the pickings to begin.  As each child got off of the hayride, they ran this way and that way.  Pumpkins were picked up, thrown down, and then picked up again.  Hard choices for these kids.  Lauren decided to pick a half rotten pumpkin.  Mrs. Kearns tried to persuade Lauren to choose another pumpkin.  Nope, that's the one she wanted.  After seeing the other kids' hearty selections, Lauren finally changed her mind and chose a perfect gem for her.
Back on the hayride to go enjoy more fun activities.  Corn mazes, group pictures with their pumpkins, hay bale mazes, and taking in a perfect fall morning with a perfect field trip was completed.
I'm so blessed to have been able to attend with Lauren and her class.  I am blessed to have the role of being my children's mom, where I can be apart of their fun activities, field trips, and growing memories.  

Another great day in my life as a mom where I get to store this memory in my memory bank.  My deposits are overflowing...I'm becoming rich as the years keep flying by.  Lucky me!

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