Monday, October 10, 2011

McCall Moments

Our Shore Lodge this man. :)

Beautiful morning view.

Umm, I think the Italian working the reader board needs spell check. (Should be focaccia)

Sunday, Steve and I headed out of town for the night.  We needed the time together.  Our past month was filled with stress, turmoil, confusion, lack of time together, overtime, screaming children, and relentless struggles with finding just a few moments of quiet time.  I know, I know, many of you say,
"Well Ang, that's life with a husband and kids."
You're right, but luckily I have the option to make my family life the best it can be for me.  By having the ability to remove my withered self now and then, I give myself the chance at redemption, relaxation, and a slight resurrection.  I realize not every mom has the ability to have a sitter at their fingertips.  Let me tell you, I didn't always have that either.  And what it created was one unhappy mama and in return, one unhappy family.
Steve and I are blessed to have his mother watch our children.  And always with an eager, "Yes, I'd love to!!"  We are blessed to have her because she allows us to take the time we need with one another without the guilt, nor the uncomfortable feeling you can sometimes be left with when you leave your babies overnight.  

Thank you Grandma Collie for the peace of mind you always seem to give us.

Oh yeah, we went to McCall and stayed at our usual...Shore Lodge.  We love that place and now have many memories to add each time we visit.  On our drive up to McCall, we planned our next trip... Lake Tahoe.  Steve has said he's going to teach me to ski there.  What an adventure that will be!

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  1. Glad you guys got away- Drew and I just got away for the night too- it was great!
    Hope your doing good with your coupons!!