Monday, October 31, 2011

Photo Shoot Weekend

Our beautiful girlsPhotography by Amanda Allard angel is disguisePhotography by Amanda Allard

Saturday, our family met at Kathryn Albertson's park for family pictures.  We weren't the only ones having the same idea.  The park was filled to the brim with families.  We figured this would be a wonderful weekend to showcase Idaho's beautiful fall foliage colors.
We met Michelle, our photographer.  Michelle is just starting up her photography business and we signed up to have her take our family pictures.  The only catch is we give her permission to post our pictures on her website.  Duh, that was a no brainer for us...I mean me.  I LOVE the camera as you all know and to be on a website for all to see?  Perfect!!  We had a great time walking through the park finding spots to capture our smiles, or in Lucas' case, cries.  He wasn't too keen on having to sit perfectly still, let alone smile for a stranger.  After an hour or so of snapping away, I decided we were done. I couldn't take it any longer.  I know kids will be kids, but come on!  Sit still, smile when you're told, and quit messing around.  I had to tell the kids numerous times that the more they followed directions, the quicker this would be over.  Lauren heard, "The more I mess around, the better it will be for everybody, including Mom."

Thank you Julie and Anthony for having your listening ears on and for saving me the energy of wanting to choke just Lauren versus all of you.  Needless to say, I'm excited to see the pictures Michelle took of our family.

Sunday was picture day...again!  Only, just for the kids...bummer!  This time, our pictures were taken by our neighbor Amanda Allard.  She's a professional photographer who offered us a mini session of the kids in thanks for watching her dog and cats while she and her husband were away on vacation.  Duh, win win for me...again!!  When we arrived at her house, she looked at Steve and me and said,  "You're not going to be in the pictures?"
What in the world, I thought.  How could this be?  I thought the pictures were just for the kids.  Oh no!!  I was panicked!  I then said to her, "I thought it was just for the kids."  Her response was, "You guys can be in it too.  Want me to go get started on them while you two go home and get ready?"
My heart sank.  I was on the verge of internal destruction.  I felt the heartbreak.  I knew it would take me too long to go home and get ready.  I was going to miss an opportunity to have my picture taken.  I joyfully replied, while my heart was aching, "Not a big deal.  The kids by themselves will be great!!"   Not meaning a single word of what was coming out of my mouth.  Steve on the other hand was beyond grateful to not have to suit up again for the camera.  Where me on the other hand...complete and utter devastation.

Amanda had her husband Kris come along for the photo shoot.  We chose to do it in our subdivision.  The colors of the trees are beautiful and we have great common areas.  The kids slowly warmed up to Kris and Amanda, and by the time it was over, the kids were sad to see them go.  The rest of the night they were recalling how Kris would make funny faces at them to get them to smile - then demonstrating his goofy faces.  Lauren was still laughing at how Kris flew her threw the air with a stick between her legs as if to replicate a witch.

The night was a success and the two above pictures are just a few of what's to come.  I'm so excited to see all of my babies' smiles!!

Tonight is the big Halloween.  The kids are excited to parade through our neighborhood in hopes of getting their Halloween bags filled to the brim with treats.  Yet another year for Mom to raid their bags and then feel the caloric guilt.  I'll just start back on my clean eating November 1st...nah, the 4th sounds much better to me.

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