Thursday, November 17, 2011

1946-Forever in Peace

He held her hand when they met in 1962 until now.

Early this morning, Gail Margaret Tuso left her earthly family and headed up north to be with her eternal family.

As a daughter who sits here without her mother, I can tell you I'm heartbroken, left to feel empty, and really simply put...sad.

My mother had a rough life with diabetes, then a stroke in 2004.  And to say her passing this morning was joyous, sounds callused, yes I'm sure, but it  was nothing but joyous.

We prayed for minutes and hours for the good Lord to give us peace about her situation.  We begged of Him.  He delivered.  He gave us as a family the peace we desired and asked of Him.  And when it was finally on His time, he snatched her right up.  

As we left the room, Dad gave her his final kiss.  As their lips parted, there was a slight smile that appeared on her face.  It had been awhile since I'd seen her smile.  I'm glad God gave me yet again, one more gift.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Looking for the gifts can be so hard yet like you said the smile she left you will forever be yours to hold. She is now with our Savious with no more pain no more sorrow. How blessed is she to be in such good company!

  2. What a tender picture Ang... So sorry to hear of her passing. Loosing someone so special is always so hard. But knowing that she is in Heaven, whole, and perfect, is comforting. Please keep us posted on when the funeral is... We want to be there! You are in our thoughts and prayers! - Heather

  3. Ang that was beautiful. I'm so proud of you.