Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Recap

The ice cream cone, puppy, hippie, and mobster are ready to go!

Holding onto the first.

The glue from the mustache was hurting his chapped upper lip.

First house down!
Waiting for the next house.
Their stash...not including Lucas'.

Monday night, the kids were so excited.  HALLOWEEN!!  This was our first year in our neighborhood and we didn't know what to expect for the trick-or-treating.  Since there are a lot of families, we figured they'd all be out and about getting their candy versus being at home passing it out to the kids.  We were wrong!  Our neighborhood was flowing with candy!
We had Auntie Anne and Grandma Collie come along with us to gather treats.  It was really windy and COLD!!  Didn't bother the kids one bit.  Lucas did a great job as it was his first year getting to trick-or-treat.  He found himself wanting to walk right into the neighbor's houses when they would open their doors.  I didn't blame was freezing outside.  Of course we had our share of the big kids.  What neighborhood doesn't have a set or two of them?  Pillowcases in hand-they'd literally run the small kids over trying to get to the candy.  Makes it less fun with the "bullies."  Needless to say, the kids had a great time.  We headed back home after about two hours.

When we got home, they wanted to check out their stashes.  Too much candy in my opinion.  But that's all part of the fun.  And yes, I've already raided Lucas' too many times...and so has Steve.  Halloween 2011 was great!

This week, Albertson's has their boneless, skinless, chicken breasts on sale for $1.88 a pound!!  Steal of a deal.  It's only day one of the sale and I have 40 pounds already.  I still have six days left to go.  I'm sure I'll get up to 60 to 70 pounds by then.

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