Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Power of Prayer

I believe in the power of prayer.
I believe God has His plan for each of us.
As the Hayes family is struggling with God's difficult hand He has dealt us, I pray for His comfort, peace, and hand on our shoulders as we face these trying days.

A daughter and a mom...a forever bond that will never be broken, no matter the circumstances.
I don't know the outcome of my mother, nor do I know what God's plan is for her.  It isn't my job to try and dissect what He has placed before me.  But it is my job to turn to Him and ask for His peace and understanding.
I know my heart aches as I hang by a thread knowing if my mom will miraculously heal.  I know my heart aches because the woman who raised me, instructed me, and made me the woman and mother I am today may decide to go be with Jesus.  I know my relationship with her.  But what I don't know to the full extent is the hurt my dad is facing.  50 years.  50 years of his partner, his love, his friend.  All in the hands of the Lord.  Yes, I pray for myself to have the comfort, but it's my dad who needs it...needs it the most.  Our children are trying to cope with losing their Grandma Gail.  They are kids with a broken heart.  They need His peace and strength too.
I do believe in miracles, because Jesus is behind them 100%.  I do believe in prayer, because I know talking to God comforts and gives peace.  But what I don't know is the outcome of my best friend, mother, and woman who is all to this family.  
That's when I sit...and pray.


  1. That was beautiful Ang. Your strength is inspiring, truly inspiring. You are an absolute rock for the family which is good because they all need you right now. I think Steve said it best- I love you! - Jocelyn