Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

I didn't know Santa wore Uggs!

The only present I need.

Christmas of 2011 is complete.  Complete is my vocabulary word as done, finished, never to be repeated again!

It was a hard day yesterday, as it is with most days.  But yesterday, being Christmas, was even harder.  Without my Mom present.  I kept looking over to somehow see if she was at the other end of the table eating the meal Steve and I prepared.  While opening gifts, I was peering through the mounds of tissue paper to see if she was opening a gift one of the children had made for her.  And while eating our dessert, I gazed over towards the end of the table again to see if my coffee tasted okay to her.
But none of what I wanted was there to be seen.

It was especially difficult when Steve called Grandma Collie earlier in the day.
"Good morning Mom, Merry Christmas."
So happy for him that he gets to say those amazing words to his mother.  
And it was more difficult when all I wanted was for my mom to be with us this Christmas...but she wasn't.  
I know it will take time.  I know it will get easier as the days go by.  And I know she's with Jesus - happier than we earthly humans will ever comprehend.  But it's hard.  It's hard to not have her physical body here with us...with me.
Merry Christmas Mom.  I know your Christmas dinner was a chef's masterpiece.  And I know your gifts are unmeasurable now that you're in the arms of Jesus.  And your coffee?  Forget about it!  Starbucks has nothing on what you're drinking!
Regardless, I missed her did the rest of our family.

But we did have a very pleasant day.  Steve and I hosted.  We had Santa, who wore Uggs, grace us with his presence. The meal was fantastic.  Thanks Dad for cooking the delicious prime rib and Bloody Marys, Grandma Collie for the tasty pies, and Auntie Anne, Donna and Terry for the great wine, only I seemed to be drinking!

Steve and I are looking forward to ringing in the New Year with ease.  We can't begin to tell you how excited we are to see 2011 go out the door!  But for now, we thank Jesus for the many blessing He has blessed us with.  And ask Him daily to keep His eye on this family we call ours.

Hope your CHRISTmas was wonderful and that you kept Christ the focus of it all.

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  1. So Sorry to hear about your mom. I always feel a little sad a Christmas each year and I think it's because Christmas represents time. The year is done and suddenly we aren't the little ones anymore we are the grown ups & getting older and older. I think about my grandma at Xmas each year and wish she was here too. Keep your head up:)