Sunday, December 18, 2011


This holiday collection is a treasury of Christmas traditions, stories, songs, and recipes that promises to bring readers young and old together to celebrate the spirit of the season.
The Everything Family Christmas Book By Yvonne Jeffery

Something seems wrong with this book and title to me.  Yes, this post is going to be a moment Ang gets on her soapbox.  Stop reading now or continue with the ever so great eye rolls if you continue.

I am a firm believer in Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays.  (Oh, just to type Happy Holidays makes my skin crawl...and I had to just do it twice!!)
So to get back to the above mentioned...the book and it's explanation - by a very poor writer.  (In my humble opinion.)
The title of the book as you can read has the word Christmas on the cover, but yet, the poor writer explains further down in the text "This Holiday collection."
Well, which one is it?  Christmas or Holiday?  It should just say Christmas.

I understand we're in a politically correct nation today and we are so afraid of offending anyone...and I mean anyone.  There are other religions that don't celebrate Christmas, I get that.  But why are we so afraid to talk about Jesus when Christmas was based and founded on Him?
We don't have a problem teaching our children, in the public school systems, about Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or even the countless other "holidays."  (I really don't know any others, but I'm sure they're out there.)  But yet when I asked Lauren if her teacher spoke anything about Christmas, she simply said, "No."
WHAT?!!  We can't talk about God, who founded this nation, who IS this nation, but we can discuss how the Africans celebrate their traditions?  Doesn't seem fair to this gal here.

Get over it, get used to it, and let it go.  Well no, I'm not.  Yes, I am one of "those" parents. Had I known my kindergartner was going to learn about the "other" holidays, I would have kept her home that day.  Rough and severe, I know, but dammit, where's the equality when it comes to the Christians?  I respect the other traditions and holidays many others celebrate this time of the year, but let it be "fair" and "even" when it comes to Christmas.  
And who has a Holiday party at school where Christmas carols are sung, the "tree" in their classroom is decorated, and pictures of Santa adorn the walls?  Not these kids.  They're celebrating Christmas, not Kwanzaa, or even Hanukkah.  If that's the case, where are the menorahs or even the kinaras?  Oh wait, there are none?  Exactly my point.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Please know I am not disrespecting any other religion or celebration.  I am just for equality.  Isn't that what everyone is after these days?  And doesn't our great potato state rave on the diversity we have?  Well where's the diversity if we're afraid to mention Christmas?  Yeah, there is none.

I'm off to go calm down.  Calm down with some Christmas music and go look at my Christmas tree all while reading my holy bible!!

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