Saturday, December 10, 2011


Donate : give - present - bestow - grant - give away - endow

This time of year always represents a warm, generous, and giving attribute in most Americans...donating.
Whether it be your time, money, used goods you no longer have a need for, or food; donating is an important part of our lives, history, and more importantly, our spirits. 

As mothers, parents rather, we want to instill values in our children that will allow them access to grow not only educationally, but spiritually and emotionally as well.  What a better way to bestow those traits to them by teaching them the importance of donating.  And this time of year is even better...Christmas...the giving time of year.

I sit here and can't fathom the scenario of a young child waking up in the morning not in their own bed, but in a shelter's bed.  I can't imagine a mother of young children having to stand in line at the local shelter to feed her kids.  And the young/old man out of work.  Having to accept a handout from the Rescue his pride is being destroyed.  And I don't want to even think about the family who prays a coat in their child's size gets donated today so their child can stay warm.  
As I can't bear to think about the above situations, I need to realize it's a fact in our town, state, and nation.  It's not getting any better and it's not going to go away.
But what I can do is donate my time, used goods, and the food I have in my pantry to someone else less fortunate.  What's an hour of my time to gather a few old coats the kids have outgrown, grab some cans of soup, or even some old blankets Grandma has crocheted along the years and take them to the local shelter, Salvation Army, or any receptacle that excepts such donations?  
I know that hour will change somebody's day, week, or even month.  And the bonus...I feel good doing it!

So as you're bundling up the kiddos in their warm coats, scooping up oatmeal into your family's breakfast bowls, or even turning your heat dial up just a tad...because it's so cold outside...think about those less fortunate.  
Take a moment today to gather some unused items in your closet, raid the pantry of a few canned goods, or even drop a few coins into the red bucket.  Your acts of kindness will make a difference.  And take your children along with you.  Let them see what giving can do...especially to their hearts.

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