Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Title: Restaurant Critic

Handsome Lucas.

Abundance of Whole Foods cupcakes!!

Yesterday we got back to our normal routine.  Ah, how it feels so good! 
As you know, being out of your own element can be challenging enough, but with a 14 month old, it's even more challenging.  But happy to say, we are back to where Lucas is most comfortable...which makes him more happy...which makes his parents elated!

Yesterday was filled with errands.  The feeling I get when I put a check next to my completed item makes my heart skip a beat.  The type A personality in me relates, all others, quit the eye rolls please.  After the errands, Steve and I went to dinner while Grandma Collie watched her best friend and playmate...Lucas.  Steve and I decided to try something different this time around.  Our normal choices for a dinner date usually involve either Bardenay or sushi.  We stumbled upon an Indian restaurant down the street from our house.  I have never, and I mean never, tried Indian food before.  For good reason as I see fit to say now.
When we walked into the restaurant, music was blaring.  Literally felt like a scene from Slumdog Millionaire.  As we sat down to our table and were handed our menus, I looked around at the other entrees the other patrons were enjoying.  I could only think to myself, "YUCK, this is going to be the worst meal EVER!"
As I always tell the kids, "You have to try a food once.  If you don't like it, then you don't have to eat anymore, but at least have a "no thank you" bite."
So, I applied the same reasoning with myself.
The server came to our table with water, several dishes of sauces, and what appeared to be thin, fried flatbread.
It was gross.  I won't sugar coat it.  It was nasty.  And I was scared I was going to leave that restaurant either sick or hungry.
While we were waiting for our meal, the server brought out a dish that resembled fajitas to another table.  The platter was sizzling and smoke was pouring from the top.  Within minutes, the entire restaurant was coughing uncontrollably...including myself.  Well, it was due to the fact of the spices.  The spices had floated into the air through the smoke.  I'd like to relate that dish to tear gas and it's effect on the lungs.  Probably tasted the same too  :-)
Our dishes came and I was not excited to dive into them.  Steve ordered chicken curry.  I ordered a spinach and potato dish.  To my surprise, a lot of the other tables had the same dish I had, so I felt I had made a great selection.  WRONG!  It was gross.  It was flavorless.  And it was giving me heartburn that added to my already unsteady emotional behavior from having to step out of my comfort zone and try a new restaurant.  All I kept saying to myself as this dish was before me was, "All I want is my spicy tuna roll.  Hell, I'll even try the octopus, just this once, over this plate of green goo!"
I tried Steve's chicken curry dish and was surprised at how tasty it was.  I was bummed though.  I knew I should have ordered an Indian classic, rather than going off the beaten path and trying something that sounded "trendy."  I was screwed.  I knew right then and there I would leave that restaurant hungry.  And I did.  Let me explain something to you folks.
When Steve is eating, and he's truly enjoying his meal, which this meal he was, there's no sharing with this man.  Sure, he'll happily let you have a taste, a morsel.  But a quarter of it?  More than a bite?  Forget about it!  I knew he was going to lick his plate clean.  And being the selfless wife that I always am, I took my morsel that wasn't offered, oh no, I practically begged for, and quietly sat there and waited till he was finished with his meal.  
My dish on the other hand sat untouched.  We were asked if we wanted to take my dish home for leftovers.  Steve said yes to be polite, then quickly tossed the box in an outside garbage can as we left.
After our dinner, well Steve's dinner rather, we headed to Starbucks.  Ah, what a treat for me!  We each tried their Christmas peppermint mochas.  What a delight that warm drink was.  As the two of us were sitting next to one another enjoying our time together, we somehow ended up pulling out our iPhones.  We soon became distracted from one another.  Our date was officially over at that point.  Bummer.  Guess we'll leave the phones at home next time.  Oh, and I'll pick the restaurant.  Never going to be Indian food can count on that one!

*Thank you Grandma Collie for watching  our angel.*

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  1. Way to be brave and try something new... Drew and I always stick with what we fact Drew usually orders the same thing at the different places we go.. we don't want to pay to be hungry..
    the cupcake picture looks yummy... makes my mouth water...