Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tribute of a Trip

Lighthouse at Terranea.

Lucas feeling the sand for the first time.

Terranea sunset.

Friday morning, Steve, Grandma Collie, Lucas and I headed to Los Angeles for a visit to Aunt Mo.  Not a visit we wanted to have.  We were headed to LA to attend a memorial service for Mo's best friend, companion, and confidant...Uncle Jim.
Jim passed away on Thanksgiving, exactly one week to the day my mom passed. 

The trip there was filled with bittersweet moments.  Moments of joy, laughter, memories being shared, new introductions to family for Lucas and me, and time spent being with one another. 

I commend Aunt Mo for her strength and courage to face this challenge in her life...yet again.  You see, it's not an easy task to lose the one you love.  It's not an easy situation to be in.  But with a strong woman such as herself, God has a positioned her in such a role as the one she is currently filling: Super Woman

Lucas got to feel sand between his little piggies for the first time!  It was so magical to see the expression on his face and hear his little squeals of excitement!  Steve and I went into Whole Foods.  All we have to say is, "Hurry up with the construction in Boise...we're ready to become vegans!!"
And we witnessed the great Blue Whales at Terranea.  I got to use the term, "Right in the blow hole," one too many times in fact, as the whale was spraying water...out of the blow hole.
And Trader Joe's got a little visit from me as well. 

Thank you God for a magical and safe trip.  I'm saddened by the trip's purpose, but am elated to have met new family and gathered great memories.  Until next time!!

**Lucas did not grab other passengers' hair this trip!  The plane ride was tolling on me as usual, but we got through it.  I have vowed NEVER to fly again without the assistance of either Valium or his friend Xanax.**

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