Sunday, January 29, 2012

All Things Baby

The fellowship hall where the shower was placed

Just a small sample of the baby's gifts

Allison's belly being measured during one of the games

Handmade booties and hat set

The finishing touch

Took the balloons home to this wild guy

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Allison, with the help of her mother-in-law, Marita.
I didn't realize what I had signed up for when I volunteered to host.

I started back in October of last year with my idea.  I know, a little premature, but good thing I was.
I called to reserve our subdivision's clubhouse for the big event.  Several weeks went by, no return phone call from the property management guy.  Nothing new from him.  I decided we had to have the shower somewhere else.  I couldn't bet on having a room full of women supposedly meeting at the clubhouse and the party falls through at the last moment due to poor planning, or worse, a clubhouse not available.  I contacted Marita and she offered the fellowship hall at their church.  Perfect solution...thank you Marita!
And good thing I started my planning so early.  I was thinking around 15-20 gals would be on the invite list.  OH NO, no such thing.  Allison had a total of over 50+ on her invite list.  Yes, over 50.
I sent out an evite invitation the first of January. (Had to with that many gals.  Could you imagine the postage rate for that many mailers??) 
Within a week, there were over 20+ planning to attend.  Oh boy, I wasn't ready for this.  What did I get myself into?  Why couldn't Allison have just invited 10-12 gals?  We could have had it at my house, nice and intimate, no need for Ang to panick at the thought of more than 50+ gals.  Nope, it wasn't going to be like that.  That's not how it was going to go down.
By Friday morning, the day before the shower, there were over 45 RSVP's.  I took a calm, deep inhale, almost forgot to exhale, and started to freak out!
I have never planned such a big event.  I've never even so much as decorated for any of my children's birthday parties.  I always have someone else do it for me.  I'm inept when it comes to stuff like this.  I can barely put an outfit together each and every day...thank God for sweats!  What was I going to do?  All of these women would be arriving to a fellowship hall in less than 24 hours to what?  A gigantic room filled with a punch bowl, some half cocked streamers taped to the wall with duct tape, and a host who has no hair left?  It wasn't going to go down like that.  Nope, it wasn't.  I'm better than that, I'm capable of a wonderful completion, and I was determined to make this shower glorious!!
And so I did!  Marita took care of all of the food...thank you Jesus!!  I put my decorating cap on and set to work.  I searched the internet for ideas, thank you Pinterest!  I scoured over the Dollar Store, Zurchers, and even Walmart to find the perfect decorations.  I found them, I purchased them, and I brought my ideas to the table...literally.  
I arrived at the church the night before to decorate so I'd have more time to assist with the food the following day.  I had Marita and Allison help me.  They both kept saying how wonderful my ideas were.  Oh, how everything looked so nice.  At first, only because I'm the pessimist I am, thought they were full of it.  They're just being nice, they don't mean a single word that's coming out of their mouths, but thanks for the line of bs girls.  :-)  
The morning of, Steve helped me get the balloons I had ordered from Zurchers.  I had the perfect place for them.  I tied them to the decorated weight on the food table.  They looked marvelous!!

I took a very large step back and eyed my final masterpiece.  Not bad Ang, not bad.  I was so proud of myself for decorating for such a large event.  I even made favor bags for each of the 45+ guests.  I was, and still am, proud of myself for tackling a feat I thought wasn't possible with me.

As the guests started to arrive, I could feel my gut start to turn a little.  Not only have I never decorated for such a large event, but I've never been the master of ceremonies either.  Hows and whys started streaming into my head.  Somehow, when I heard lady after lady say how beautiful the room looked, my worries and fears of having a successful shower went down the tubes.  Ah, a sigh of sweet relief.
The shower ended wonderfully with happy ladies, happy mom-to-be (who was exhausted from opening gift after gift) and more importantly, a happy hostess.

Thank you Allison for entrusting in me to host your shower.  Thank you for the lessons it taught me, the trust it put within myself, and the confidence booster I ended up with.  
Looking forward to this hard work paying off when Baby Marlie Marie arrives and gets to see all of her fantastic gifts this shower brought.

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