Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bookcase Assembly Complete

His "prison cell"

Steve and Julie hard at work

LOVE those chunky little fingers

He's had enough.  I WANT OUT MOM!!

Helping Daddy with the bookcase

The finished project!

Last night we were expecting to have a late start to dinner.  Steve was working some overtime and wasn't expected to arrive home until after 6:30.  5:45 rolled around and he surprised us with being early!!
We had yummy tacos, rice and beans.  Cleaned up the kitchen and then headed to the living room for our evening project...the bookcase assembly.

We got a really great deal on this bookcase from Cost Plus (our favorite store EVER!)  The bookcase was on sale and I got an additional 10% off due to a complaint I filed with the store's headquarters last week.  I was really nice about my complaint, really.  :-)  To compensate, they gave me 10% off my next purchase.  I was very pleased with the way they handled my complaint and will forever be a lifelong customer for it.

We unpacked all of the pieces for assembly.  (Steve and Julie did all of the work.  I just took pictures and watched Lucas)
I had to put Lucas in his playpen because it's next to impossible to get anything done when he's roaming the premises.  He was NOT happy with me.  He threw out all of the toys I had given him, cried, and was rocking the playpen back and forth in hopes of trying to knock it down and free himself.  To no such avail...poor kid.  I finally released him when I saw most of the work was completed.  He had a field day climbing in and out of the bookcase, "helping" Daddy with the screwdriver, and even stopping by to pull Julie's hair as he needed and anchor to get out of the bookcase.
We set it up in our office, secured it to the wall with screws, and stepped back to marvel in Steve and Julie's great work!  Way to go, you two did a fantastic job.  
You will notice the last three shelves are empty.  They will stay that way until Lucas can stop climbing on furniture.  Just as our Christmas tree last year was Lucas proof, so is this bookcase.

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