Thursday, January 5, 2012

Justice Has Been Served

The only complaint I've really ever had about our house, has been the lack of drivers following the speed limit of 25 miles per hour on our street.
You see, our house is on the "main thorough-fair" for our subdivision.  Besides the model home way down yonder, our house is the only home on our street.  So when people drive onto our street, some drivers think they instantly turn into Mario Andretti and put that foot on the accelerator.  Out of 50 to 60 cars per day that drive by our house (more depending on the day of the week) only about 10 actually do the 25 MPH speed limit.  And let me preface by saying we live right across the street from Eagle High School.  And you know what kind of drivers come out of there...snotty nosed punk teens who think they know everything about driving.  Trust me, I was that snotty nosed teen not too long ago!

Both Steve and I are scared to death to allow the kids to ride their bikes out in the front of the house for fear of a speeding car.  And God forbid the dog is mosing along and gets pummeled by a car.

I have called and chatted with numerous folks about what to do to nip those speeders in the bud.  Steve joked and said he's going to lay spike strips down and blow their tires out.  He's joking, I think it's a grand idea!  Even the ex mayor of Eagle who lives behind us speeds like she's the Mrs. Andretti.  
And if I hear this comment one more time, I'm going to lose it,
"Well, wait till you get more house built up around you.  They'll slow down then."
Really?  First off, what would make them slow down when they're used to driving so fast, and second, it's going to be ten years before homes are built up next to us.

To end my soap box rant, yesterday was a taste of justice for me.

At 3:11 each day, yes, I'm lame because I know this, but that's when the Eagle High kids come racing through our street.  I happened to get the mail a tad before the 3:11 starting time and witnessed an Eagle police officer parked on the street.
As each car approached our house, you could hear the tires slowing down.  They had spotted Mr. Policeman.  Each car did the same...slowed down at the sight of him.
"Yeah, nice.  You punks NEVER drive this slow past my house,"  I said out loud with anger and vengeance in my voice .

It was 3:20, time to go get the kids from school.  I pulled out of my driveway and noticed the officer was gone.  
"That didn't last long," I said.

As I was driving further down the street, I saw what appeared to be the glorious array of beautiful, flashing lights.   It was the most magical sight I had ever laid eyes on.
BINGO!!  The officer had nabbed one of those snotty nosed teens!  YES!!!  Victory for this stay at home mom who has no life other than to track speeders who drive past her house!  
As I was approaching the officer in my car, I pulled over and rolled my window down.
"Thank you so much for being here today Officer.  These kids have never driven so slow in their lives other than today.  I thank you!"

"Well Ma'am, it is my pleasure to protect your city.  I will be stopping by this street a little more often now."

Yes, the first line out of his mouth was a little cliche', but it got this man on my good great side.

SO listen up speeders of Cardon Street:

You have been spotted.  Mr. Policeman has your number and you're going DOWN!!

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