Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hayes (I love this man!)
AMAZING chandelier at Barbacoa. Sits underneath an 8 man's huge!

Last night Steve and I headed out to dinner with two other couples for New Year's Eve.
We chose Barbacoa as our destination.  And did we chose correctly!
The ladies at our table couldn't have looked more beautiful, lucky husbands!  Everything from our appetizers, to drinks, to our main entrees, and even our desserts were all perfect and so eye pleasing.  
It was nice to sit and enjoy a wonderful night out, have adult conversation, and be able to be something other than "Mom" for a few hours.
The only complaint I had for the night was there was too much people watching to be had and I couldn't take it all in.  I did however, try my hardest and what I did take in was magnificent.  I have come away with two things.  Yes, only two.
#1- My lips are perfect the way they are.  No fillers are needed or required.
#2- The shorter and tighter the skirt doesn't always mean better.

We finished up our night having a great dessert before heading home.
Sorry to say, we didn't ring in the new year with a bang.  Everyone in the house was asleep by 10 pm.

And a HUGE thank you to Grandma Collie for watching the kiddos.  I told her New Year's Eve is a big money making night...she should have charged us!

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