Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Night in the Life of a Hayes Child

Anthony writing to his pen pal.

Lucas has his eye on that bird.

LoLo plays her game so much she permanently needs it plugged in.

Last night was a quiet night.  Steve was at work, Julie was gone with her girlfriends at the movies, and so it was just the four of us...Anthony, LoLo, Lucas, and myself.

We had dinner made, eaten and cleaned up by 5:45, and that included dessert.  Usually after dinner, the kids are going stir crazy.  They want and need any attention I can give them.  Whether it be with homework, helping tie a dress on a Barbie, or even just to be held because we're whiny and the day is drawing to a close.  Last night was not the case.
Anthony sat quietly and wrote his letter to Dee, his retirement home pen pal.  He kept asking me if this sentence or that sentence sounded okay.
"Mom, I really think Dee is a nice old lady.  I don't want to upset her with something I say.  And I really don't want to sound know, like a third grader or something."
I assured him his words to her were in fact great, uplifting, and a letter she would re-read several times over.  That put a smile on his face as he sat and checked his punctuation.  
Meanwhile, Lucas was playing with his trucks...or at least what I thought was playing.  He's so adorable when he plays now.  He emulates the sound of the big trucks with his version of big truck noises.  Then he'll crash the trucks into the walls, doors, or he's even gotten my ankles a time or two!  Thanks Big Brother for teaching those skills to him.  But in fact, Lucas was trying to be witty.  He was taking his truck and using it as a step stool to get the ceramic bird I have on a table.  I had to just sit back and watch this kid in action versus stop was too cute to see!  He steadied his foot on the truck, tried to reach for the bird, and as his chubby fingers were right within reach...the wheels of the truck would slip a little on the hardwood and his hard work was all done in vain!!   He had to start all over again.  And he did, time after time.  He finally gave up and ended up in a heap on the floor, mad and defeated.
And then over in the far corner of the living room we had Lauren.  That girl can play her share of her Nintendo DS!  She is constantly trying to beat the level she's on in hopes of defeating the entire game.  I tried explaining to her that playing each level is part of the fun.  She contested by saying it wasn't.  

Julie finally arrived home after 7:00 and was joyfully explaining, how during the movie, the usher had to tell them all to be quiet.
"Mom, we weren't even talking that loud!"
"Well," I stated, "you must have been talking loud enough to have someone complain.  Were you?"
She hung her head slightly and said yes.  Ha!  I remember going to the movies when I was young and doing the same thing.  Mom and Dad weren't around, you're with your girlfriends, and somehow the other patrons around you didn't even seem to exist.  Yep, been there, done that.  So it was hard for me to get upset with her.  I did give her a blurp on respecting other people and their desire to enjoy their movie experience.  And by giggling and talking, that disrupts their time.  Enough said.  She understood and apologized.  What a good kid!

Ah, 7:30 on the dot.  Bedtime for Lucas!  He was ready for the sack too.  Then shortly after, it was 8:30...bedtime for the rest...including me.  It had been a long, long, tiring day.  Glad to see it come to an end.  Sure miss my Steve though.  :-(

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