Monday, January 30, 2012

Snowshoeing Sunday

Our snowshoeing group

Rocky Ridge Yurt, Idaho City

Trail system map we followed

Beautiful view

Yesterday Steve and I went snowshoeing with our neighbors Kris and Amanda...and their doggie Nikha.

We headed up to Whoop-Um-Up trails system in Idaho City, about an hour from our house.
The snow was fantastic!  When we pulled into the lot, we realized other people like to snowshoe was full.
As we headed out on our trail, we started all bundled in coats, gloves, under layers, and hats.  As we snowshoed each mile, the layers started to shed themselves.  It felt like a Spring day.  Not to mention, the sun was gloriously shining the entire time.
Steve, the kids, and I, stayed in a yurt not too far from where we were trekking last summer.  We spotted the yurt on the map and decided to go for it.  As we approached the yurt, there was a sign bigger than day stating there was a yurt ahead, please respect the privacy of the yurt users and do not enter yurt grounds.
That was like saying to us, "Go, peek through the yurt windows.   Go see if you can use your same code, 5-4-1, to access the door.  And by all means, hang out on the deck, eat some snacks, take some pictures, and stay awhile."
Yep, that's what we did.  Obviously there were no residents in the yurt during our little break.  As all four of us peered through the yurt's windows, we were saying how bummed we were that this little guy is reserved till April.
"Oh, I'll find a way to get us on that list before April, don't worry," stated my ever so sure husband.  
Hope so Honey, because hiking all day on the trails and then coming back to this little oasis in the mountains would be the perfect end to a day.  Not to mention the pot bellied stove burning and the lanterns shining bright as we eat a meal made from scratch.  Now that's my kind of fun!

We decided we had had enough, so we started heading back.  Somehow we encountered large hills I don't remember going down on our way there.  Needless to say, I moved my ever slow feet through the feet of snow.  When I saw the lot of cars, there was a sigh of relief.  I was tired.  Ready to be done.  But oh so thankful for the incredibly wonderful, fabulous, fun Sunday we had.  
Thanks Kris and Amanda.  Can't wait to hit Bogus next!
And thank you as always Grandma Collie for watching our angel!

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  1. How fun... I have never been, but would like to try someday... Good job with the baby shower! It sounds like a great time!