Monday, January 2, 2012

Year in Review

 This is the Hayes Family's 2011 year in review.  Enjoy!

Family trip to McCall
One of yet another McCall trips
LoLo FINALLY hit the 30 pound mark!!
33rd birthday for Ang

9th birthday for Juliebelle
First wedding anniversary

Said goodbye to Wampum!!

And HELLO to Cardon!

Watched a cow give birth

Enjoyed what would be my last Mother's Day with my mom
Took Lucas on our many trips to Tablerock

Started my very first garden...thanks for your help Honey

Which resulted in our first crop of zucchinis

We had a sitter...

And a crawler...
And finally a WALKER!

LoLo learned to ride her bike...thanks Step-Dad!

Enjoyed a campfire while camping in Idaho City

Re-discovered Garbage Pail Kids

Had an experience at a yurt in Idaho City

Took a trip to L.A. for the 4th of July
And watched amazing fireworks

And even got to see the Hollywood sign
LoLo turned 5!
Lucas enjoyed his first slice of watermelon
Our subdivision pool got used one too many times

A healthy checkup at the dentist
Got to watch the horses race at Les Bois...the girls loved it!

Yet another mess Mr. Lucas got himself into

Steve and I did our first and only 5k of the year

Lucas got to experience the Boise River for the first time

And I saw fit to get a picture of me...yet again

He learned to suck through a straw

Beethoven got abused

Steve lost to his awesome wife at a lot too!!

Steve and Colleen enjoyed another birthday

One of many pedicures for Ang

Lucas enjoyed the park with his favorite

And listened to a bedtime story too
Juliebelle tried to potty train without success

The kids and I enjoyed a drive in movie...Cars 2

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the fair

A Tamarack getaway for Steve and me

First day of school.  LoLo started kindergarten

Attended Meridian's Fire Department Award's Ceremony...where Steve was awarded Chief's Recognition Award!!

Lucas' 1st birthday!

Time with the ducks

Another trip to McCall for a getaway

Lucas' first haircut

Pumpkin pancakes for Saturday which the kids did not like

Halloween time!

Lost the most important woman in my life
Anthony celebrated his 11th birthday

Anthony put his .22 to good use

Lucas felt the sand on his toes for the first time

Our Lucas Proof Christmas tree
Witnessed the Griswold house


Lost three amazing people in our lives:

Charlie Pooh...
Uncle Jim...
And Mama Gail

The end of 2011.

 May you and your family experience a great 2012.


The Hayes Family

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  1. What a great idea to do a re-cap of the year... Hope that 2012 brings many great memories to your family!