Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday Surprise

Royalty Crabapple

Lucas trying to help

The best girl digger ever

So beautiful

Yellow, her favorite color

Yesterday afternoon, the doorbell rang.  "Hmmm," I thought, "who could that be?"
It was a man, in dirty clothes, baseball cap on, holding a piece of paper in hand.
"Are you Angela?", asked the man.
I was hesitant to answer yes, for I had no clue who this man was and why was he asking for me?
"Yes, I'm Angela."
"I have a tree for you.  From...umm...Joc, umm, Josh, umm, Jock..."
"Yes!  That's her name!  She told me to tell you happy birthday."

I stood there right outside the front door in amazement.  A tree?  Only Jocelyn would know that's the greatest gift ever, next to plants for this girl!
And on the tree was tied a yellow ribbon.  Yellow was always my mother's favorite color.  
I immediately sent Jocelyn a text to thank her.  She's busy student teaching in Lewiston, or I would have just called her.  :)
I told her thank you and that there was a yellow ribbon tied to the trunk of the tree.  
She knew.  She knew it was Mom's favorite color.  And she knew that this tree would be a remembrance of her.  She was hoping I would plant it to always have her with me.
Can we say, "Drop to your knees and weep?"  And I did just that.

Today is the big birthday for me.  The big 3-4.  We gathered as a family, some cut out short and went inside because it was too cold, and planted my tree in remembrance  of her.  It looks so great and I can't wait for it to bloom in the Spring.  And I've decided to keep the yellow ribbon on the trunk.
Thank you Jocelyn for the gift that I will always hold so dear.  I will always think of her whenever I see it.  And I will always remember what a wonderful friend I have in you!

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  1. Awe thanks Ang! Is it really a crabapple? Lol I thought it was a flowering cherry! Oh well, happy birthday! :) I know red is your favorite color and the yellow bow just makes it feel like your mom will always be there, hugging and holding you, in your beautiful home with your beautiful family, watching all of you grow. Thank you for the sweet sentiments and sharing the photos of the kids planting it. What good little helpers! Have a wonderful birthday, such an amazing friend, daughter, mother, wife, and sister deserves some MAJOR spoiling (hint, hint Steve!). :)