Friday, February 10, 2012

Thursday Oh Thursday

Love hugs from my boy

Love him!

His newest learned "trick"

Anthony says Lauren's adopted

He's so tubby, he's bending the back wheel

Love this happy face...and she's NOT adopted!

Our Thursday was mellow, yeah, just plain mellow.
On the way to school, the big kids had some big attitude with me.  It actually started in the house before we left for school, but escalated in the car.  I had no choice but to take away their computer and TV privileges,  both decisions they weren't happy with.   
After I dropped them off at school, Lucas and I headed back to the house.  Kayla and her boy came over as well as Allison.  Allison looks so great for being 20 days away from delivering.  Her spirits were so high despite not having a comfortable position on my couch, not being able to put her tennis shoes back on with ease, and having to use the restroom more than once during her stay.  I need to take notes from her, because the last I remembered, I complained the entire nine month stretch!
Lunch and naps after the gals went home.  Laundry, cleaned the floors, and put away toys was my duty before getting Lucas up from his nap.  All three tasked completed and Lucas was up...time to grab the kids from school.

Dinner was simple...pancakes and hashbrowns.  Besides me grating the potatoes, Juliebelle took over as Chef Hayes for the evening.  And she did a great job whipping up those flapjacks left and right.  Lucas agreed by eating three of them.  No wonder he's bending the wheels on the doll stroller when he sits in it!!
After dinner was play time.  They had to use their imaginations since the TV and computer was off limits.  They did well.  Lucas got pushed around in the doll stroller by Lauren, Anthony and Juliebelle wrestled until one of them came screaming to me they got hurt, and I just watched and couldn't contain myself.
As I was taking pictures of Lauren and Lucas in the stroller, Anthony says to me, "Mom, are you sure Lauren isn't adopted?  I mean come on, she's practically black.  And well...look at Lucas, he's pretty much white as they can make them."
As I was laughing uncontrollably, I told him that he was crazy, but thanks for the wonderful laugh!
Overall, I think taking away all electronics from my babies is necessary every so often.  It allows me to see their wonderful creativity and experience the true child that's deep within.

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