Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Bliss

Valentine's gift
Heart shaped breakfast

Completes our night

Centerpieces for the table (used what I had around the house)

The only gift I'll ever need

Our yummy Greek shrimp

The aftermath...the next morning

Yesterday was Valentine's day.  For some reason, next to Thanksgiving, it's my favorite holiday.  I know the reason...thanks Mom.
Every Valentine's day when I was growing up, even as an adult, my mom would muster up all of her creativity, which wasn't much (like mother like daughter) and put together some sort of gift that showed she loved me and that she cared.  It was usually something small like a card and candy or even stickers for my sticker album. (what little girl growing up in the 80's didn't have a sticker album?!)  Whatever my mom came up with , I loved it and looked forward to it every year.  Maybe that's why I love the holiday so much.  I now pass her gracious gestures of love onto my own family.  And I hope they appreciate and love the holiday for the same reasons I still do today.

Yesterday was a perfect day.  Steve came home from work with not just flowers, but a live Orchid plant!  I have always wanted an Orchid, but have been too intimidated to trust one in my hands.  Well, I have no choice now but to face my fears and dig my heals in and take care of this plant.  Luckily for me, my cousin is the Orchid Whisperer.  She has many years of Orchids on her plate, so I can reference her knowledge when need be...which may be too often.
After breakfast, which consisted of a Valentine theme, we cleaned up and started our day.  
I volunteered in Lauren's class for her Valentine's party.  What's not to love about 20 kindergartners eating cookies, candy, and sugary juice?  
We took Lucas over to Grandma Collie's house so he could spend his heart day with her, oh, yeah, and to give Steve and me an evening to ourselves.  And what an evening it was!
We headed to the grocery store to grab our ingredients for a lovely dinner and dessert.  When we got home, the first in line was to open the bottle of wine.  Probably not the smartest move on my part.  Somehow reading the directions  for the Oreo Dream dessert were blurry and not making a bit of sense to me.  Oh well, it sure tasted great!  As did the Greek shrimp Steve made.  Our evening was completed with crashing on the couch and watching our favorite show ever, Parenthood.  I was so tired, I left the dishes in the sink for the next morning...yeah, I did that, I know, can you believe it? 
Our Valentine's day was wonderful!
I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be able to spend yet another wonderful Valentine's day with those I love so much.
Hope your day was a great one too!
Thanks Grandma Collie!

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