Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vinyl Project

Hard at work
Revealing the goodness

The final masterpiece
Love it!

Lilies from my amazing husband!

Whiny Lucas.  Oh how I love him so

 Last week I called up Heather to have her help me with a project.  Heather is the wife of Drew, who works with Steve.  Heather just so happens to own her own vinyl lettering machine and was able, not so sure willing, for my project.  It took me awhile to figure out where I wanted our pieces, how I wanted the fonts to look, and the exact measurements.  Heather was patient, informative, and so easy to work with.  Thank you Heather for the great vinyl!  I know my requests weren't all too simple and easy, but despite my terror of an order, you made it through my un-decisiveness  and it looks fantastic.
Steve on the other hand has vowed to never place vinyl anywhere for me again.  There were words coming out of that man's mouth that would have made a sailor proud and Grandma Collie shudder!  Despite the treacherous task, my husband is the greatest!  He put his hard work into placing that vinyl just where I wanted it.  And all I had to do was promise to never ask him to do it again.  Deal!  (I'm sure he'll forget all about it in about a month or two.  You know, kind of like childbirth!)
On a much larger side note, Lucas is a whiny, clingy, and mentally/emotionally draining baby these days.  The above picture is what I see continually, minus the hands outstretched for me to pick him up.  Oh how I love him so, but come on kid, give your mama a break.  And not to mention he's into everything.  We have the french style door handles on all of our doors.  That makes easy access to any room for this kid.  Especially the pantry, where the garbage can is stored.  And don't think you're safe in the bathroom either.  If the door's locked, he'll try to squeeze his fat fingers underneath the door, somehow get them stuck, and scream.  There goes my bathroom experience.
Regardless of how much of a pain this child is lately, and will be for the next year or two, I love him with all of me.  I am thankful for a child who is capable of getting into messes, cries when I don't hold him, and is just really, a toddler.  I know this stage will pass.   We'll be able to go into a restaurant one day again with him actually sitting at the table vs wanting to climb on it.  And I know my grocery store trips with a screaming banshee of a son will cease one of these days as well.  But for now, we don't really leave the house unless it's to go through a drive through of some sorts.  But oh how I love him.


  1. Yay! So glad to see pictures, and it looks so good! I think you chose wisely with fonts, size and everything. It was fun doing the project for you.. and yes, Steve will get over it, and will be willing to do it again... applying the ones up high are a killer..

  2. Wow! Those firefighters will go through hellfire or anything for the satisfaction of a job well done. Lucky you! And it looks great by the way, especially the one in the dining room.