Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Warrior

Happy Valentine's Day

Party pizza makers
Yummy marshmallow treats

Some of the wild party goers

Lucas tried on a variety of shoes

Lucas loves the girls

Beautiful Juliebelle

Colette's birthday dinner
Bogus' tubing hill

All tired out tubers

The Hayes family had an awesome weekend!!  Saturday, Juliebelle had five of her school friends over at our house for a Valentine's party.  The girls made pizzas, marshmallow treats dipped in chocolate, sang their hearts out on the karaoke machine, made bracelets, and had a wonderful time!  Lauren and Lucas were included into the mix as well.  Anthony decided to stay put in his room for the duration of the party.  He didn't want to associate with six fourth grade girls.  Lucas had an array of shoes to play with.  Six pairs to be exact!  He was having a ball trying on each of the girls' shoes, then walking into the kitchen to model them for the audience.  The girls thought that boy was a riot!  4:00 came rolling around, all of the girls went home, Ang cleaned up after the wild party goers, and Juliebelle and Lauren were complaining of sick tummies.  Hmmm.....maybe all of the candy??
Pa came over around 5:00 to watch the kids while I left for a bit to enjoy Colette's birthday dinner.  We all met at Public House, a great quaint restaurant in Meridian.  It was nice to enjoy some alone time after the party I had just hosted for Juliebelle.  The company was great, the food was fantastic, and the adult lady time was even better.  Happy birthday Colette!  Thanks for including me.  :)
Sunday was no day for rest.  We were all up by 6:30 to get ready to head to Bogus.  I scrambled to get everyone's coats, gloves, boots and hats all packed into the car.  We drove over to Grandma Collie's to drop Lucas off and we were on our way to the snow!  
I tend to get carsick very easily, especially when Steve's driving.  So does Lauren.  I knew the road up to Bogus was going to be no exception.  Yep, almost to the top and Lauren says, "I'm going to throw up."  Okay Steve, pull this car over NOW!  I got her out of the car to get some fresh air, shoved her back, and we were on our way...yet again.  It was a nice time to stop, I was getting queasy too.
We got to the top, unloaded ourselves, got all of our gear on coat for Ang!  Bummer.  I was so worried about making sure everyone else had their gear, I forgot about myself. (Oh, the sacrifices I make for my family)  Good thing Steve had a windbreaker for me to wear.  Not as glorious as my down jacket sitting in the closet at home, but oh well.
We had two hours of fun, fun, fun!  The kids had a blast and so did Steve and I.
We headed home right after 11:00, picked up Lucas, and headed home for lunch and naps for Steve and Lucas.  (Steve was up all night with calls, so a nap was in order for him)
At 4:00, we headed over to my girlfriend Jamie's house for the Superbowl.  The kids played their hearts out with the other kids there, Steve and I ate our hearts out (great food Jamie...what a always!!) and Lucas was a dream child...thank you Lucas!  We had a great time watching the game, but of course the commercials were the best.
After the game was over, we headed home.  Bedtime was in order for everyone.  Needless to say, my head hit the pillow and I was out.  What a weekend!  Loved every single minute of it!

Thanks Pa and Grandma Collie for watching the kids!!

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