Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anniversary in Seattle

 Steve and I traveled to Seattle this past weekend for our second anniversary.  I had never been, while Steve has gone several times when he was interviewing for Seattle fire, but never got to explore the town.
We flew there...yes, I know, flying again for Ang.  I actually did very well this go around.  I know it's all due to the fact that I just had myself to worry about...no Lucas this time.

When we arrived Saturday mid morning, we hopped onto the rent-a-car shuttle and we were on our way through the city.  To our surprise, they had a Dodge Challenger waiting for us.  Oh, Steve was in heaven with this car!

After checking into our hotel and taking in the amazing views, we shared a glass (or two) of champagne the hotel had waiting for us in our room, and we headed directly downstairs to Whole Foods.  I'm beginning to think Steve and I are the only nerds who drool over Whole Foods like we do.  It was the selling point in choosing our hotel too.  We grabbed lunch and headed out into the city on foot.


 Seattle I found, has streets upon streets of buildings.  But not just any buildings.  They are cool, sleek, and just plain eye pleasing.


On our first day there, we hit the EMP Music Museum of Seattle.  This museum celebrates the music history of Seattle, such as Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix.  Talk about cool!  We saw original guitars (mostly smashed) from Nirvana, saw clothes worn by both Jimi and Nirvana, and memorabilia that is now part of America's music history.  And we witnessed the largest tower of guitars I've EVER seen!

After our museum stroll, we headed over to the Space Needle...right next door.  Now I've always know this needle was big, maybe even huge, but when you're hundreds of feet below it, looking up, it's rather gigantic!

Steve and I decided we were too cheap to pay the $20 a piece to take the elevator ride to the top.  Yes, I've heard how amazing the view is from atop, but $40?  Um, no thanks.  We settled for window shopping through the gift shop instead.
We made our way back to our hotel to rest for a bit and decided on where to go for our first night's meal.  We settled on what else?  Sushi!!  Yes we did.  And we decided right!

It was the best sushi Steve and I had EVER had.  And the funny thing?  Most, if not all of the fish, was from Portland!  So that leads us to believe that it's not the fish necessarily, it's the craftsmanship of the sushi chef...and he was the best.  And believe it or not, we got six rolls, plus edamame for only $40!  In Boise we would have paid well over $65-$70 for that meal.  I can't express to you how in love with those rolls we were.  I'm sure our waitress was tired of hearing our "Mmmmm's and yummmmms."
After dinner, we walked back to our hotel for the night, but we stopped by Whole Foods first for our evening dessert.  A Wally cookie from the bakery.  It was full of chocolate, walnuts, and pure bliss.

The next morning, we got our plans mapped out.  We had lots to see and do.  We arrived at Pike's Place shortly before 8:00am after our breakfast at Whole Foods and coffee at Starbucks.  It wasn't as happening as we were hoping, but it was still rather early for a Sunday.  We saw the famous fish throwing, the yards and yards of fresh seafood, stands of the most vibrant, eye popping flowers, and fresh produce.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing before me.  I was in heaven.  After our stroll through the market, we had to check out the first Starbucks.  Established in 1971, this coffee shop was dripping with nostalgia.


After the coffee shop and market, we went in search of the famous "Gum Wall."  My girlfriend Jamie had mentioned this wall as a must see...and she was so correct.  It was beyond gross, but also the most original piece of art my eyes had ever witnessed.  Sadly, I didn't help contribute to the wall, so there's no piece of me left behind.  :(

After the gum wall, we headed to the aquarium.  To be honest, the sound of spending money to look at fish wasn't that appealing to me.  Steve had to coerce me into going.  But am I glad he did!  That aquarium was amazing!  We got to pet live starfish, a sea urchin, and sea anemone as well.  We saw an enormous octopus, hundreds of active jellyfish, sea horses, and witnessed thousands and thousands of beautiful tanks filled with live coral.  As we made our way through the aquarium, we saw quaint birds native to the Seattle area, sea otters, and even a seal with her pup.  I thank you Steve for having to persuade me into the aquarium.  It was well worth the two hours!

After the aquarium, we headed to Pioneer Square for the Underground Seattle Tour.  Another tour I was pre-yawning on.  But again, surprised me with the great history and sights of Old Seattle.  We first got a 20 minute presentation before heading out to the tunnels with our tour guide.  He gave some history on Seattle, how it came to be, and also the founding fathers. As we were in our group of 30 or so, we traveled far down under the city.  The rubble, rocks, smells, and sights were beyond educational and interesting.  We learned the first toilet was invented by a man named Thomas Crapper while viewing one of the first ever toilets 30 feet below the bustling city above us.  To be able to see the work that was all done by sweat and tears, was rather cool.  To touch a stone, bathtub, and chair, to name a few, that was over 150 years old was pretty cool too.  The tour guide stated to our group that Ghost Hunters came and taped a show underground several years ago.  Supposedly they caught some major action while they were there.  Me? I witnessed not a single ghost.

After our underground tour, we headed to take the ferry across to Bainbridge Island.  Again, another Seattle "thing" I wasn't too excited for.  "Take a ferry ride?  How boring is that?"  It wasn't boring, it was actually relaxing.  We loaded ourselves onto the ferry and found a seat.  The ferry took about 30 minutes to get us to the Bainbridge Island.  On our way there, we got to see the buildings of Seattle, smell the ocean, and make friends with numerous seagulls.  It sure was windy!!  After we arrived on the island, we unloaded and had several hours to explore this rather quaint little town.  It reminded me of Boise's North End mixed with a dash of Eagle...it was great!  We headed into some shops, sampled cheeses, and met a rabbit named Bun-Bun in a children's clothing store.  Bun-Bun was the shop's pet.  She was the perfect blend between the independence of a cat and the friendliness of a dog.  I wanted to take her home with me, she was so adorable.  Steve and I finished up our time on Bainbridge with dinner at a seafood house.  I had the greatest clam chowder EVER! 

After our 30-45 minute walk back to our hotel in the rain, cold, and wind, we ended our night by getting a bottle of wine at Whole Foods and a yummy dessert at their bakery.  We headed upstairs to our room where we settled in watching channel after channel of cable tv, (it's glorious to us since we don't have cable at home) sipping our Merlot, and eating our heart's out of the tastiest chocolate dessert!

The next morning, it was time to pack up and head out.  We had the Boeing factory tour and a drive to Alki Beach on our list before heading to the airport.  We arrived at the Boeing factory and prepared ourselves for the most magical tour.  I was looking forward to seeing the planes.  I was hoping it would somehow make me more at ease flying by seeing how they're constructed.  :)  The factory and tour was beyond words.  Cameras were not allowed into the factory, due to security reasons, but you could snap pictures in the "museum" section of the tour.  We saw 777's, 787's, and 747's all lined up, having wings attached to them, bolts screwed into them, and the factory workers working on them looking like ants next to these enormous vessels.  Boeing's factory is the largest building in the world by volume.  You can fit the entire Disneyland in the factory, plus 12 acres of covered parking...that's how big it is.  It was cute to see Steve the entire tour.  He looked like such a child with all of his excitement.

After the Boeing tour, we drove to Alki Beach.  It was really interesting how just a short drive from the city, there's this quiet, small town with a great beach.  We stopped by a restaurant called Duke's and had a great lunch.  After lunch, we dropped off our rental car and headed to the airport.  Our trip was coming to an end.

Our entire trip was filled with friendly people, great customer service, one too many trips to Starbucks, and memories that will remain with us for our lifetime.  

We had a wonderful anniversary!

Thank you Grandma Collie for taking such great care of our angel while we were away. 


  1. Looks like you guys had fun! I love Seattle. Been there a few times. We went to the airplane museum and the aquarium too. Oh and Pikes Market. I have never been to Whole Foods, but you guys seemed to have spent a lot of time there:) Anyway, glad you had a nice time and Happy Anniversary!


  2. What a fun trip! We did Seattle several years ago and loved it! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Nice pics, Ang! Looks like your photography class paid off :) We'll miss you guys on the slopes tomorrow!

  4. Gotta love my hometown area! Looks like you took it all in! Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  5. Your a lucky girl, going to Seattle and all. Terry and I have never been there!