Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is There Anything Left of Me?

Lucas can't possibly shove more banana in his mouth!

Tearing apart Mac

Anthony's excited to get to keep the old hard drive

Yesterday was one of the busiest days for the Hayes Family in a long time.  

It started as usual with lunch making, breakfast, baths, etc.  Steve came home from his 24, but headed straight to the garage to work on his machining "hobby."  
I knew the minute I woke up that I wasn't going to go to the gym.  I woke up feeling tired and worn out.  Aren't you supposed to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day?  I usually do, but not this day.
I got the kids to school and Lucas and I set out on errands that needed to be tackled.  Our first stop was the accountant's office to pick up our tax forms that needed to be signed.  Yay, we get a small refund!  That money has already been spent unfortunately.  I'm sorry to say it's not on anything fun such as a vacation to Disneyland, or even a day trip to McCall.  We're spending our return and then some on a fence for our yard.  BOO!  We do need a fence desperately, so it's not all that bad.
After the accountants, where Lucas didn't want to leave because the receptionist was ready to adopt him, we headed to Zurchers to get a birthday card as well as Juliebelle's birthday party invitations.  Yes, she decided on Danik after all...glad that issue got resolved.  :)  While I was there, I grabbed a few party decorations/balloons for her party.  I somehow grabbed a cart with a broken seat belt.  I ALWAYS seem to do that.  You know what that means?  It means Lucas thinks it's a free for all to stand up in the cart, try and grab everything his chubby arms can reach for, and make Mom's shopping trip hell.  He accomplished all three.  I ended up just carrying him while pushing the cart and collecting my needed items.  
Off to Winco to grab dinner for my friend Kayla.  Her son Noah was having an out patient surgery that morning, so I offered to bring her family dinner.  I grabbed the food and headed out to take it to her house.  I wish I could say I brought her this gourmet meal that would shame a magazine cover.  Nope I didn't.  But that's's the thought, right?  Right?
Lucas and I left Kayla's house and headed to Home Depot to grab a screwdriver set Steve needed for the Mac.  Again, pulled Mr. Lucas out of the car, he was half asleep at this point, and dragged our tired bodies into the store.  Received and paid for our item and to home it was...finally!
Lunch was served around 12:30, an hour later than Lucas is accustom to, but he was a trooper and gobbled down what I put before him.  Steve came in from the garage to eat a quick lunch with us.  I put Lucas down for his nap, Steve went back out into the shop, and I cleaned up the house.
As 3:00 came rolling around, I had to wake up Lucas to go get the kids from school.  I had to get them a little earlier because Anthony had a counseling appointment at 4:00.
Anthony has expressed to me that he needs to talk to someone about his problems "over there."  "Over there" is meant to refer to his Dad's house.  I quickly made him an appointment as soon as I could.  Our family counselor is so busy, she's backed up all the way to the end of April.  She had a cancellation for yesterday and asked if Anthony wanted it.  We took it.
As Anthony was in his session, Lucas, Lauren, Juliebelle, and I headed to go waste an hour of our time.  We headed to Moxie Java.  We left soon after because Lucas wanted to touch all of the breakables the coffee shop had to offer and then some.  The girls did manage to beg for a slice of banana bread, eat only a sliver of a piece and then report to me it was sure didn't taste like the bread I make.  Thanks girls!  Somehow wasting $3.00 didn't seem so bad after that compliment.  :)
After the coffee shop, we headed to the apartments I used to live in several years ago.  They have a small playground set the kids played on until it was time to grab Anthony.
As we were all back in the car, Anthony looked at me and said, "Mom, thanks for getting me in to see Dr. Gail.  I really feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders...I feel so much better."
It was nice to know that whatever was discussed with our counselor really helped him...I was elated for that.
Since it was already creeping upon 6:00 and dinner needed to be consumed by the family, Steve was still in the shop, and I didn't want to cook, the kids and I stopped off and grabbed dinner. Anthony opted for Subway while the rest of us grabbed Taco Del Mar.  Not a dinner I was proud to consume, but it left me not having to cook or clean...thank you very much.
After dinner, Steve headed back out to the shop and the kids all went outside to play till it got too cold to be outside anymore.  Bath time for the kids, milk for Lucas, and time to have our night finally come to a stop.  Not so fast!  After Lucas was in bed, Steve started the project of fixing Mac.  (Thank you dear Jesus, Mac's back!)  It was so cool to see the insides of Mac, that the kids HAD to stay up 30 minutes past their bedtime to witness the coolness.  Anthony was elated to get to have the old hard drive.  What he's going to do with it, I have no idea, but whatever.  
The kids finally went to bed, I took a much needed shower, and Steve was still fidgeting with Mac.  It was getting late and I was exhausted.  I decided to shut off the day and go to sleep.  And sleep is just what I did...very nicely too.

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