Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Another Great Day

By the looks of the video, I just spanked him, wouldn't feed him, or better, he's in dire need of a drink of water and I withheld his sippy cup.  Nope, none of the above.  I simply tried taking his picture with my phone and he didn't want to smile.  He wanted to play with the phone instead.  And whenever I won't let him have it...this is the show I always seem to get.  Oh, the troubles of an 18 month old!

Yesterday was a mellow day.  Steve worked his 24 so I was on my own.  I really don't mean to sound so pathetic in saying so, but it is what it is...on my own to raise the family for a day.   :)  While he's a fire slayer and hero!
After the morning routine of breakfast, lunches, bathes, personal hygiene, etc., we headed out the door for school and then off to the gym for Lucas and me.  Lucas and I went to the grocery store for a few items for dinner after the gym.  I think I'll shop mid morning with him from now on.  No exaggeration here, but every old sweet lady that was at Winco had to stop and chat it up with Lucas. 
"Oh, he's just the sweetest little boy I've ever seen."  Or, "What a cutie.  I bet he looks just like Daddy."  Or even, "Ah, he's going to be a lady killer with that smile Mom, watch out!"
All comments that made me smile, but further more, made Lucas beam from ear to ear.  There's something so sweet about old ladies and babies.  Even as we were bagging our groceries, two old ladies came by.
"We saw your little one while we were shopping.  We just had to stop by and say hello.  He's such a doll."  Lucas waved at the sweet ladies as they headed out the door of the store.
As I was running to the car (the weather yesterday was blowing snow.  First day of Spring too!) I was telling Lucas how much attention he just received and how it's really hard to gain the room's attention when you're my age...I was rather jealous.  He just smiled at me.

Lunch and naps followed by the usual house cleanup, then off to get the kids from school.  They hopped in and complained about how cold it was.  Anthony got into the car and was rather quiet...moody too.  After repeatedly asking him what was wrong, he told me this weather.  "Mom, they wouldn't let us play outside today okay?  I'm in a bad mood because I couldn't run around like I usually do and now I'm upset."
Okay, got it.  After offering to him we go home and ride his bike and I got a big fat refusal, I gave up and let him stay grumpy.  Poor kid.  Guess when I don't get to go to the gym I feel the same way...I understand.

Dinner was taco night.  All I had were corn tortillas, which I thought would cause moans and groans with the kids.  No way!  They all raved about how much better the corn tastes vs. the flour.  Yay, a score for Mom!  Dinner cleanup was stressful.  There were crumbs ALL OVER the floor, kids walking through the crumbs, Lucas wanting me to hold him, Juliebelle needing help with her homework NOW, Lauren singing some made up the TOP of her lungs, and Anthony asking me if he could use the computer when he knows the answer is no...due to poor school performance.  And I've got just a touch of PMS going on.  So yeah, I was a bit frazzled.  I took two seconds and several deep breathes.  I addressed each child with a calm voice and reasoning and set out to get one task accomplished at a time.
Several hours later, the kitchen got cleaned, Lucas got his pj's on and I was holding him, Lauren stopped screaming singing, Juliebelle got help with her rhombus properties math page (oh dear God, geometry, the subject I seriously failed three whole times and now my kid's asking for help and Steve's not home?  AHHHHH) and Anthony finally settled down playing with Legos in his room.  And I'm happy to report it all worked out in the end.

Bedtime came for Lauren and Lucas.  Anthony,, Juliebelle, and I stayed up to help Anthony on his oral presentation for Samuel Adams, which is due today.  He did really well preparing for his speech.  I told him that you practice like you play (thanks Dad for the life long lesson with that one).  I also told him that I hope when he gets in front of the judges, he doesn't get nervous.  If he does, it's okay, just picture them naked with party hats on.  Of course that ensued laughter from both Juliebelle and Anthony.  Hope it helps.  :)

After the speech help, I settled into bed to find Lauren taking up half of it.  I curled up to her and fell into a deep sleep.  It felt good to do so.

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  1. Thank you for being such a great Mother, Wife, and Friend.