Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday...I Just Love You

Playing so fighting.
Large bucket of what I call a mess, they call fun.

I know, 18 months and still has a bottle...guess there are worse things.

But look at how calm the bottle makes him.  :)

It's Monday morning to those of you who are retired, jobless, or just plain forgetful.  Mondays are great in my book.  It's time for school, a fresh new week, (although Sunday's the start of the week) and a time to get my house back in order from the weekend.  Ah, the weekend.  Yes, that part of the week.
The weekend was full of things that took up our time, energy, and all while having a great time.  Saturday we went to a birthday party for my friend Rachel's son's 5th birthday.  We went to Bounce.  The kids, oh and Steve too, had a blast.  Me on the other hand, wasn't allowed to enjoy any of the fun.  Bounce has a strict no shoes/bare feet policy as well as an employee I'll label The Shoe Nazi.  I swear all this woman's job is to walk around in search of parents and children who have either bare feet or shoes on.  I fell into the shoe category because I had no socks on.  I'd rather have gotten yelled at for shoes than for bare feet.  At least I wouldn't have had to remove my shoes for nothing.
So as the kids and Steve were playing, I quietly sat back and talked to the other moms at the party.  I didn't mind one bit.  :)
After Bounce, we headed to Pojos and dropped Juliebelle off at a birthday party for her BFF.  Then headed home to prepare the rest of our St.  Patrick's Day meal...we had family coming.  What a meal we prepared!  Oh it was glorious.  Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, french bread, wine and beer galore, and my favorite, the dessert!  We had strawberry shortcake with green whipped cream.  Our meal was over the top greatness in my book.  I was excited to have the leftovers the next day, but Steve decided he needed them for work come Sunday.  Hmmmm, okay, hope you enjoyed it.  I guess you do need to eat too.  The corned beef is better the next day.  I'll just cross my fingers for the leftovers the next time around.  :)

Sunday was a day of emotional overload!  Steve was working, the weather was atrocious, I was a hormonal wreck, and I needed some relief.  The gym I thought.  Yeah, all I need is to go work out for an hour, that always helps me mentally and physically.  It's Sunday Ang, there's no child care.  Ugh!  I called Grandma Collie to see if she was free.  Yep, that amazing woman came through again.  She popped on over for about an hour while I sweated my troubles away.  Ahhhh, thank you soooo much.  Felt much better.  I was now ready to be a good mom!
After dinner, the kids headed upstairs to play with their legos.  They created a large masterpiece I was rather impressed with... all while remaining friends with one another...hallelujah!
Bedtime of 8:30 came and went.  After corralling them all, tucking them all into bed, it was my turn.  As exhausted as I was, I couldn't shut it all off.  So what do I do?  Reach for the trusty ol' iPhone and play a game or two, or three of solitaire, rummage through old un-read emails, checked my schedule for the week, and somehow it all put me to sleep.

And now we have Monday.  So glad you're here.  Hope you stay awhile.

P.S.  Our Mac took a dive.  Steve has ordered a new hard drive.  Meanwhile I'm blogging from this old laptop of mine.  It's horrible.  I can't edit my pictures, I can't focus on a 15" screen, and quite frankly, I took having a glorious Mac for granted.  I've realized life just doesn't seem as great without viewing it through Mac's eyes.  Oh well, it'll just make me more thankful when Mac gets fixed.  For now, the semi gray color this Gateway puts off will work for now.

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