Friday, March 23, 2012

A New Day

Our morning surprise!

Yesterday seemed to be just like the rest of this week, but slowed down just a bit.
After our gym visit, Lucas and I headed to Settler's Park in Meridian because it was such a glorious morning!  Oh was it ever. Can we say Spring has sprung?  Yes indeed!
As I pulled into the parking lot, which is generally packed from ear to ear, I was pleasantly surprised how empty it was for being such a wonderful morning.  Oh well, more park for Lucas I thought.
I got him out of the car and he ran straight for...wait for it...just a little bit longer...a TREE!  Yeah, a tree.  He has this whole entire playground to himself and he heads for a tree and the dirt it's growing in.  What in the world?!  "Son," I say, "Let's go on the swings, or better yet, the cool slides."
I grabbed his hand, he pulled it away from me, ran away from the tree he was playing with, and ran straight for Tree's friend, another tree.  Silly boy!
I did manage to get him on the swings, but when he heard a large truck behind him, he insisted he get out of the swing and go see what this large truck was up to.  The truck was installing a new light bulb in the street light.  If I would have let him, he would have sat all day and watched those men work.
I finally moved him to the park portion of the park...that is why we were there.  I picked him up to move him from the truck watching and he screamed bloody murder.  He did calm down long enough to enjoy a few slides and stairs before it was time to go home.  Again, screamed bloody murder while carrying him to the car.

After lunch was over, I took Lucas to get his haircut.  He's had it cut before and it was accompanied by screaming, red face, and me having his head in a headlock.  I had prepared myself for this scenario again.  But what I got instead was a boy who sat on Mommy's lap, tightly held onto my hand and occasionally threw out a smile or two as Brooke's scissors trimmed around his little head.  He was such an angel.  Usually Brooke and I don't get to visit because we can't talk around his screaming, but yesterday, we got to catch up.  When we were done, he happily climbed into my arms yet again.  I told him how proud of him I was.  I also told him how handsome he looked too.

He just smiled at me.

After his nap, we headed to get the kids from school.  After dinner, we headed to Winco to buy our ice cream sundae ingredients.  We each built sundaes that would put Weight Watcher's to shame.  And we ate every last morsel too!
Steve and I felt so guilty to have consumed so much "crap", that we all loaded up and took a bike ride in our neighborhood.  Juliebelle was so excited...she got to pull Lucas in the trailer with her bike.  Anthony rode barefoot; I was washing his shoes and they were wet, and Lauren rode in a dress with her Sunday best church shoes on.  I'm sure we all looked comical to those who saw us.  As we were riding our bikes, it was so awesome to see the blooming daffodils throughout the neighborhood.  It got me to vow to myself that come Fall, I was determined to plant bulbs.  We'll see if my vow stays true.  :)
Bedtime came rolling around, and again, I was ready for it.  Why is it that I'm always ready, but the kids aren't?  Guess that's a childhood mystery that will forever go unsolved.


  1. Oh, my gosh, what a beautiful sky that is. Wow! That is the best I have ever seen! Looks like it's on fire! So unreal.

  2. Isn't that great?! I caught that one morning just in the nick of time. I turned around after the shot and the sky had turned blue within a matter of seconds!