Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break Day #1

Big boy Lucas enjoying Daddy's shoulders

Day number two has arrived for Spring break.  It's 6:36 am and I'm awake, blogging, sipping my morning cup of joe.  Why am I not on break too?  Good question.  A mom NEVER gets a Spring break.  Unless she is a Beverly Hills Housewife, an NBA's wife, or better, married to Trump.  I'm neither of the three, and happy to not be.  :)  I am however up this early because Steve went off to work just a bit ago.  Although I'd love to stay in our warm cozy bed, I see fit to get up, get his meals put together, and send him off as a hero with a big smooch.  I know he appreciates it too.

As day number two is upon us, let's recap yesterday, the first day of a blissful week for the kids.
I picked them up from their dad's house at 10:00.  We then headed back home where Colette and her two boys came to visit and have lunch.  I was expecting Allison and new baby Marlie as well, but wasn't sure if they'd make it or not.  Well, they did!  Colette's boys played so well with Thomas the Train.  Henry, Colette's one year old, sat playfully with a wooden train track in his mouth the entire time.  What a good boy!  And it was great to see Marlie.  Steve and I saw her in the hospital right after she was born.  It's so amazing that all babies start off so little...I tend to forget!  And I also forgot how much they sleep...oh how I would like to get back just a snippet of those days with Lucas...he's a terror at times!

Allison is enjoying being a stay at home mom.  I couldn't have more happiness in my heart for her!!  I had a great visit with Colette and Allison.  As Colette was giving Allison breast feeding advice, I had to laugh to myself.  I remember being in the same boat with Lucas.  The out pour of advice was a little too much to handle at times, but I smiled, and took the advice anyway...just like Allison did.

After the gals left, we all looked at each other, rain pouring down, and said, "What's there to do?"  
It's supposed to rain the rest of this week, so I have a feeling we'll be stating that same line to one another this entire week.  
Pa John has plans to take the three older kids to the Discovery Center this week, so it's not all too doomed for them.  And if we get a glimpse of sunshine, to the park I'll go with them. 
In a way, I feel bad for the kids.  I might have to retract that statement sooner than later, but hear me out here.
A lot of kids get trips to Disneyland, go rent a cabin, take a trip to a beach for Spring Break.  And when the kids come back from their trips, they're oozing with excitement about how bodacious their entire week was.  You remember, don't you?  I do.  And I also remember wanting to metaphorically stab them when I had to hear how many times they got to ride the Matterhorn at Disneyland, or see, for the 90th time, their amazing sand dollars from the Oregon Coast, or better, Hawaii. (Does Hawaii even have sand dollars?)  
So my sympathy goes out to my kids because their stories will not trump their friends.  Their stories will not be waiting to be oozed with excitement from their mouths.  And their stories might just stay put...in their mouths.
Regardless, it's still nice to enjoy a whole week off from the dreaded "school."  It's nice to be able to sleep in, take a leisure bath, not have any responsibilities, and to just lounge all day if you want.  Oh, how I'd long for a day like that!
Let's hope tomorrow brings more exciting news to you all.  I hope to report a little more fun than yesterday brought for the kids.  Me on the other hand, I enjoyed it, don't know what they have to complain about.

 Here's a current picture of Mom's tree.  I'm elated to say it has blooms on it!!  I was really worried it wouldn't make it.  After all, it did go through two major wind/rain storms just shortly after being planted.  I'll choose to look at it as a glorious sign from Mom.  She's going to be okay and she's well taken care of.  And she's beautiful...once again.


  1. Hey Ang,
    remember to do something for yourself once every week that is not wife, mom/kids, house work related and do these things by yourself. Here are somethings I did and you can do too by yourself: go to the movies, go to the bookstore and buy a book,take yourself out to breakfast, nails/hair can't be neglected! take a bath with a room filled with candles and 1 glass of champagne. Remember to treat yourself nicely and celebrate the fact that you are special to everyone!

  2. Thank you for the great reminder. I know I can neglect myself at times and all that does is cause stress to build. And we all know what happens when stress builds. :)
    I will be sure to implement one of your great ideas and report back with a wonderful blog post!!