Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break Day #3

I know, where's day #2?  Let's not even mention day #2.  It wasn't all that great, I never got the alone time to blog about it, and really, I don't want the kids to remember what a boring, lame day it actually was.
So...onto day #3!

Yesterday the kids had scheduled at 10am their Diabetes Type 1 screening.  This is an annual blood test they get that checks for the antibodies of type 1.  Since my mom was a diabetic, insulin dependent, there is a risk for the kids to develop it as well.  This is a simple (at least it should be) blood draw that occurs once a year until they are 18.  If the test comes back positive, they are screened again.  If it comes back positive after the second screening, they are further tested with an oral glucose test and more blood work.  Juliebelle had a positive several years ago, but after her second screening, it showed negative.  What a relief I felt with that second test being negative.  I was worried sick for the week leading up to the test.
Yesterday, Lucas got to be apart of the action.  They start screening as young as 18 months...and that he is.  
 The clinical trial coordinator sent me a packet of numbing cream and eight clear bandages, one for each arm.  I apply the cream 30 minutes before the blood draw and supposedly the kids feel no pain from the needle stick.  Steve and I applied Lucas' cream and the bandage, and this is what we witnessed until I put his jacket on.

He knew there was something there on his arm, but couldn't quite figure out how to remove it.  I put his jacket on to distract him from messing with it.  It worked!

We all headed out the door to get the blood work.  The car ride there, I was a worried mother.  This would be Lucas' first needle poke (other than his immunizations) and I worried he would fuss, cry, and we wouldn't be able to get the sample we needed.  It wasn't him I should have been worried about.  The three older kids made a fuss the entire time.  Juliebelle insisted she go first.  After the fight of who's first was won for her, it was now between Anthony and Lauren.  They finally settled their dispute like adults...with rock/paper/scissors.  Lauren was the victorious one!  
Juliebelle was the first one up.
"Oh Mom, this is going to hurt.  I'm scared."
"Juliebelle, your arm is numb, you shouldn't feel a thing.  Don't look at it and it won't hurt a bit."

After a bout of silence, the gal doing the blood draw says, "Good job, you're done. Go ahead and pick out a toy."
Wheww, glad that was only three more to get through.

Lauren's turn!  She squirmed and wiggled.  She moaned and groaned.  And she tried to whip up some tears to get out of it.
"I don't care if I get diabetes," she said.  "I just don't want to do this."
All of us in the room chuckled and said the blood draw is much easier than having diabetes.
She sat back down, put her arm out, and gave the best grimacing face a five year old could give...and then she was done!  
Wheww, glad that was only two more to get through.

Anthony's turn!  He out of all of them, was the biggest baby known to man.  I looked at him, he started to tear up, and whispered to me, "Mom, do I have to do this?"  I said, "Yes Son, you do.  Even Lucas has to."
Somehow knowing his 18 month old brother had to do this as well, sparked him to adjust his emotional state.  He stuck his arm out, took his "beating" and was relieved to hear the gal say he was finished.  
Toy time!  All three of them picked out fly larvae for their prizes.  Who in the world thought of larvae as a good toy for kids to play with?  Obviously someone who knew kids would think it was the coolest thing in the world.  Oh well, it made them happy, that's what matters.

Lucas was up to bat!  Oh my, I was nervous.  Steve brought him into the exam room and sat down with him on his lap.  The ladies removed his sticky bandages from his chubby arms and he just sat there so great.  When they put the tourniquet around his arm, he almost started to cry.  Oh no!  If he starts to cry, it's all over.  Steve's going to have to hold him down, Lucas is going to start screaming and kicking, and then it's all over!
Nope, Lucas didn't cry.  He sat there stoic the entire time the needle was piercing his arm.  As he was looking down at the silver needle, you could hear his siblings cheering for him.  "Yay Lucas, you're so great!  You're almost done Buddy, good job!"  As the nurse stated the words I wanted to hear, "You're all done Lucas," I sighed a huge sigh of Mom relief and the kids all cheered!  Oh, we're all done!!!
We gathered our belongings and checked out of the clinic.  What a relief to be done!!

Pa John met us at the clinic to take the three older kids for the afternoon.  They were headed to lunch, The Discovery Center, and Barnes and Noble.  Steve and I headed home.

My dad brought the kids back around 5pm.  They told us all about their adventures at The Discovery Center, how crowded it was, how Lauren had the worst behavior ever, how they "lost" her at the bookstore, and even how next time they should leave her at home...she's too much to handle.  All I could do was laugh.  Yes, that girl is too much to handle...most of the time.  :)
And the kids even brought home a present.  My dad bought our family an annual pass to The Discovery Center.   Now we can go anytime we'd awesome! Thanks Dad!

The day ended with the kids working on their math skills.  Yes, I still require some form of school while they're on their break...I know, mean mom.  

I headed to bed and fell asleep with dreams of how to keep them entertained for day #4.  It was more of a nightmare actually.


  1. Wow- what a day having to have the kiddos be tested... we hope they all come back negative. And I agree that grandpa's are the best!
    Hope your day today is full of fun... we may try the zoo... if the weather holds out...

  2. Thanks Heather! Would love to experience the zoo, but yes, this weather is the messy culprit. Hopefully we'll get to go real soon.