Saturday, March 3, 2012

Squeaks of the Recorder

It's 4th grade.  Know what that means?  Yes, correct, recorder time!
Remember those days?  I sure do.  After I magically mastered the ever so simple fingering chart, I turned my recorder into the flute it was meant to be.  I was live on stage.  I was the evening's show.  And I did it well.  At least that's what I thought.  My mother would tell you differently as she had to endure the squeaks coming from my bedroom nightly.

Julie brought her recorder home from school last night.  She needed help with her fingering chart as well as with the notes to the song.  Since playing the flute since 5th grade (the real flute, not the recorder) I was happy to dive back into my musical skills and assist her.  It all came back to me.  Julie asked me, "Mom, how do you know how to read music?"  I stated to her I've known for many many years.  It's just like riding a all comes back to you.

After teaching her the fingerings and notes on the page, I decided to bring out my trusty ol' flute and play along with her.  Talk about fun!  She played her recorder and I played right along with her.

I was happy to bring the old nostalgia back with the flute that put me in first chair in band all of those years.  Yes, I was a band member, nerdy I know, but I loved every minute of it!

I really hope Julie decides to continue on with music.  And I really hope she wants to pursue the flute.  She has the saxophone on her list, but with the flute, we could play beautiful music together.  :)


  1. So fun to learn that you play the flute. I am sure Julibelle will follow in your footsteps and love music. Music can be so powerful.

  2. We had the violin and then went to drums! Jacob was pretty good at it. We found having an instrument improved the grades.