Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Review...and a Birthday!

Let me preface this morning's blog by saying this:  There's going to be a lot of bitching in this content, so beware!

Okay, now that your warning is in place, let me begin by saying, this was one of the most boring, worst weathered, hair pulling, Spring breaks in the history of me being my children's mother.  Yes, it was.  
First, the weather was atrocious.  Second, the kids had to deal with atrocious weather which put them in a horrible mindset.  Third, their horrible mindset put their mother in a horrible mindset and it went downhill from there.

My normal routine got fouled up...way fouled.  I wake up early, have a great breakfast, hit the gym, clean my house from top to bottom, eat a healthy lunch and dinner, and have relaxation time in the evening for a few minutes before bed.  It all went haywire this mind included.

I am a firm believer that eating well (limited, to no sugar, no processed foods, and no gluten in my case) all contribute to my mental well being.  As well as regular trips to the gym.  I'm beyond the notion that working out makes me shed doesn't and hasn't for a long time, but regardless, it does help my overall mood.  And overall mood is crucial when dealing with four children, non stop rainy days, and a husband who's not home due to work.
Let's just put it this way.  I was willing to hand over my Mom card to the next willing and wanting woman on the street corner.  Actually she didn't have to be willing and wanting, she was getting them regardless! Didn't matter race, size or even age...just please, take my kids, I don't need them and I can't deal with them!!

So, onto the rest of our weekend. 

Juliebelle celebrated her 10th birthday!  I asked her what she wanted me to cook for her morning breakfast and dinner.  She chose cinnamon roll french toast and stuffed shells filled with meat, cheese, and more cheese for dinner.
I had to make a stop to Winco for the meal goodies along with some other items for her party.  I was ashamed and embarrassed to push that cart around the store.  More than once, a beautiful, fit and healthy looking woman passed my cart glaring at my nutritional wreck.  I smiled at her, she looked away.  I don't blame her for what she witnessed.  Ice cream, M&M's, 7Up, cookies, blocks of several different cheeses, cinnamon rolls in the can, tater tots, enriched spaghetti noodles, and the topper, chocolate syrup.  I was hoping the bananas would cancel out some of the trash I was buying, but somehow I don't think so.  I was literally mortified at what I was buying, but my plan was to run from the store as soon as the purchase was made.  And I did exactly that.
Juliebelle's birthday was a success!  She had fun, got some exercise in and enjoyed her new found two digit age.  Oh yeah, I also scarfed down Little Caesar's pepperoni pizza along with the party goers.  I felt disgusting by that point.

The remainder of Spring break was filled with watching Cake Boss and Myth Busters on Netflix.  Can I just say I LOVE Cake Boss?  Oh my goodness that show is entertaining!  And thank you Myth Busters for letting me know we indeed walked on the moon, a piano will not explode if set on fire, and no, you cannot drive your car at speeds of 50 MPH+ and shove it into reverse or even park.

There's school today, thank God!  There's also a trip planned to the grocery store, and a gym trip.  I'm ready to get my life back on track.  I'm ready to stop eating cold pizza for breakfast, stop glaring at my belly pooched out before me in the mirror before my daily shower, and I'm also ready to stop being "Crabbiest Mom of the Year".

So long Spring Break 2012!  May we never meet again.  Oh, and one more thing.  Is it possible to get my Mom card back?  I think I'm ready to have it back.

Sweet Lucas.

The kids playing Crazys 8's with Pa...such a fun game when Pa doesn't cheat!

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