Thursday, April 12, 2012

Purple Polish

Yes, that's purple fingernail polish.  All over the tile, the wall, and even the air vent grate.
Steve was taking a shower, I was on the couch watching TV, and Lucas was in the bathroom with Steve.  
While showering, Lucas will usually go through the drawers, turn the tub water on, play peek-a-boo with whoever is in the shower, and just have a good, fun, clean time.
Not this day.  Obviously Lucas had gotten into the drawer with the very large selection of nail polishes.   He went about with his color selection, that being purple, and became Picasso for the few minutes Steve was distracted cleansing himself. 
Dr. Oz was on and I was rather tuned in to his words of which vitamin I need to either fight fatigue or fatness, can't remember which, and out of the blue I hear Steve yelling frantically for me.
"Oh no!" I thought.  By the sounds of the call-out to me, something bad has happened.  He got into the razors, cut himself and now there's blood everywhere.  He broke something.  He fell from one of the many drawers he pulled out.  It wasn't any of the mentioned.  Nope, none of them.
After the shock of realizing it wasn't blood smeared on my walls, Lucas was safe and unharmed, I had to laugh.  Laugh at this reckless silly boy.

My pictures don't do this mess any form of justice.
A bottle and a half of polish remover later, in which I had to go to Walgreens for since I was out, and bring Doofus with me with purple polish not strategically placed on his entire face and even into his hair, and voila, the polish was removed.  It is however, still on the wall and the air vent grate.  By an hour of all of that scrubbing, I was over it.  Steve said we can paint the wall and buy a new grate.  Wheeewwww!  Cause I don't think I have it in me to clean anymore with that toxic smelling substance.


  1. Oh, No! But, it is kinda a funny story... Sounds like it is time to Lucas proof a few more things..

  2. What's the problem? He looks good in purple! So hilarious. Gotta kinda wonder what his next move will be!

  3. Yes Ladies, it's all, but it took me a bit to relax and realize it's just a mess...I can clean it up. :)